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How to use custom file to show Spine animation

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  • Yamamoto

    custom file to show a spine aniamtion

    page1.psd has a layer group – spinebody
    create spine aniamtion with png files which are generated with LayersToPNG script of Spine

    In Kwik, publish spinebody layer group and other images such as background etc
    It produces build4/components/page01/spineboy_image_.lua
    Create a custome file – build4/custom/components/page01/spineboy_image_.lua
    Modify the custom file with the function below and re-publish.

    Using this local function instead of display.newImageRect will show up a spine animation for spineboy. Notice spinebody.json and spinebody.atlas are used

    local spine       = require "spine-corona.spine"
    local function newImageRect(name, ext, width, height)
      local json            = spine.SkeletonJson.new()
      local skeletonData    = json:readSkeletonDataFile(_K.spriteDir.."spineboy.json")
      local skeleton        = spine.Skeleton.new(skeletonData)
      local spritesskeleton = spine.GetAtlasSprites(_K.spriteDir.. "./spineboy.atlas" )
      skeleton.group.x = display.contentWidth/2
      skeleton.group.y = display.contentHeight/2
      skeleton.flipX = false
      skeleton.flipY = false
      skeleton.debug = true -- Omit or set to false to not draw debug lines on top of the images.
      skeleton.debugAabb = true
      local stateData = spine.AnimationStateData.new(skeletonData)
      local state = spine.AnimationState.new(stateData)
      state:setAnimationByName(0, "animation", true, 0)
      state.lastTime = 0
      state.skeleton = skeleton
      function state:onComplete(i, count)
        Runtime:removeEventListener("enterFrame", self)
      function state:enterFrame (event)
          local currentTime = event.time / 1000
          local delta = currentTime - self.lastTime
          self.lastTime = currentTime
      Runtime:addEventListener("enterFrame", state)
      return skeleton.group


    spine lua files for Corona SDK works with Spine > Settings > Version 2.1.27.

    Mesh with bone works with bone animation but mesh without bone not work by changing mesh vertices. It is spine lua problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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