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Kwik 4.5.0 in Adobe Exchange Marketplace

Kwik 4.5.0

Available from Adobe Exchange Market

  • Removed License registration and transfer license from Settings
  • Particle editing is available

kwik4tmplt repository contains the latest tmplt files. You can clone it into your Kwik project.

  • Firstly, delete the current tmplt folder
  • then git clone it naming with tmplt

    git clone https://github.com/kwiksher/kwik4tmplt tmplt

Update Doc - Kwik is Free - Getting Started

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I stopped a license sale. I would like to make Kwik5 on the new Adobe UXP platform rather than spending some time on marketing or promoting sales.

Kwik4 is a CEP plugin for Adobe Photoshop. It was made of a good jQuery library and JSX.

As of studying UXP platform for making plugins, I am prototyping Kwik5 with Vue or React on UXP now.

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