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You are just a few keystrokes from launching your creative genius across million mobile devices.

All of our plugin require:

  • Photoshop (CC2018, CC2019, CC2020, CC2021)
  • Solar2D SDK

Once the payment is confirmed you will receive your activation code number via your PayPal’s purchase email. You can also check your MY ACCOUNT link to get your purchase information.

Refunds are not available after the reception of your activation key.


For Photoshop  CC2018, CC2019, CC2020

This is the full feature version of Kwik 4. When Kwik is installed it starts with a Basic mode, you can create up to  6 pages per app. There is not limits for the number of projects or apps you can create with Kwik.

A Pro(paid) license includes E-mail support for inquiries, and also it unlocks particle editor and you can create more than 6 pages in Kwik. Our shop  is here to get an activation code for a Pro license.

Click here to see the list of new features and fixings.

You may use zxpInstaller to install  kwik4.zxp to your machine if you like. To learn more about the installation process, access the Installing Kwik4 page from our User Guide.

Please install Solar2D SDK  before installing Kwik.


Download and open the .dmg file, you find Kwik4_installer_mac.app. Just click it to run the installation on Mac


After download the zip file, unzip it and you find Kwik_installer_win.bat. Just click it to run the installation on Windows

To use a Kwik3 project in Kwik4, open the project and then go Project Properties > Update template. It creates the tmplt folder that kwik4 needs.

If you need to convert it for Kwik4 utlimate config system, you may use KwikResize.jsx  to convert it. It is in the github