our mission

To change the way people create and experience stories in digital media.

who we are

Kwiksher LLP

Naoya Yamamoto & GClue Inc.

Ueno Suzuki Bldg. 4F, 3-16-3, Ueno,, Titou-ku, Tokyo 110-0005


September of 2014

Kwiksher is under new management and Alex’s farewell. https://kwiksher.com/blog/2014/09/02/kwiksher-future/

May of 2011

Kwiksher LLC was founded by Alex Souza as a company in Florida, February of 2012, although it has started “officially” with the launch of Kwik 1.0 in May of 2011

...I created the Kwik plugin specifically for graphic designers, illustrators and well, really anyone who is not already a developer, as a way to develop mobile apps for the popular iOS and Android platforms without using code.

Alex Souza

alexAlex Souza, the founder of Kwiksher. As a pioneer of web design in Brazil he was the first developer of a Shockwave game in that country in 1995. In 2000 Alex was a runner up for the iBest Top 3 award (Official and Popular Jury) which is the most important internet award in Brazil.

Alex Souza’s vision of changing the way people create and experience stories in digital media.

Alex started his new journey in September of 2014. https://kwiksher.com/blog/2014/09/02/alex-farewell/

Our products

Kwik, our first product, is a Photoshop plugin that allows graphic designers, illustrators and well, really anyone to create rich interactive storybook apps for iOS and Android, directly from Photoshop, without knowing code. Also, Kwiksher is proud to be the first “Official Partner” from Corona Labs’ Partner Program.

Kutt, our second Photoshop plugin aims to support creatives to speed up the creation of user interfaces for different mobile screens. You design once and Kutt does the rest of the job for you, not only exporting images to different resolutions but also creating a “Developer Report” to speed up the coding part of the project.

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