Text Input Replacement

Replacements allow the content of the layer being replaced with a different content.

The Text Input Replacement window allows you to configure a text input field that will appear in replacement of the original layer content. For example, you can replace a blank rectangle image from your layer with a text input field in your final project. Select the layer you want to replace and click the Text input replacement. The following window appears:


Information about the current layer content will appear in the top of the window (position and size). It is important to match the same layer content size and position with the final map size.

The Use keyboard set the keyboard that will show up when the user clicks the text input field. Options are:

  • Default: shows the standard keyboard will all alphabetical characters;
  • Number: shows the full numerical keyboard;
  • Phone: shows numerical keyboard with keys only for phone entry;
  • URL: shows a keyboard with keys only for web address (URL) entry;
  • Email: shows a keyboard with keys only for email address entry;

The Saves into panel sets the location where the entered content will be saved:

  • Variable: will save the content in a previously created variable;
  • File name: will save the content in an external file, named in the text field. This is a good option if you plan to record information to, manually interact (via Add External Code), later on.

You may set an optional Action to be triggered after the user completes the input.