Swipe Object

When pressed, the following window appears:

Like in all other interactions, you need to enter a Name (or accept Kwik’s suggestion). Kwik will cleanup your name if it contains spaces, strange characters, Lua reserved names, and/or if the length of the name is bigger than 15 characters.

Kwik automatically uses the selected Layer option (in this example, layer fundo). If you intention is to swipe a group or the full page, select the appropriated radio button (and the group name).


Information about the current layer content will appear in the top of the properties panel (position and size).

  • Spacer (swipe length):sets the distance, in pixels, from the starting to the release pointing of the swipe gesture that will be considered a swipe interaction (in the above example, if users swipes only 110 pixels, the swipe action will not be triggered);
  • Swipe must occurs inside the boundaries of the object: when checked, it will only fires the action if the full swipe happens only inside the selected object (in the above example, the swipe must occurs inside layer fundo. If user starts or ends the swipe outside the layer, the action will not play);
  • Limit angle: this parameter sets the maximum angle limit to be considered a swipe (in this example, if user start the swipe on X, Y positions 10,10 and ends the swipe on positions X,Y, 29,10, the swipe triggers (because original X (10), plus the limit angle (20) is bigger than the end position (29));
  • Trigger action on release: allows the execution of a previously created action after the object is released;