Set Canvas

A canvas is any layer that will be used for painting purposes. Preferable, use layers not filled with any color (just the outlines of drawings) because, during the painting process, a copy of the layer will be always on top of the original one. In order to understand better, this is the way it works (info in blue means layers created in Photoshop. Info in orange means interaction while using the final app. Info in pink means what Kwik does after user ends the painting process):

After selecting a layer, press the Set Canvas option. The following window appears:

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 4.16.32 PM


Information about the current layer content will appear in the top of the properties panel (position and size).

  • Canvas Width/Height: sets the “paintable” area, in pixels. Kwik will automatically sets it to the size of the layer. You will notice that, when painting close to the boundaries, some color will bypass the boundaries. The distance will be defined by the size of the brush;
  • Canvas Color: informs the background color of the canvas. Enter the RGB value or use the button to capture a color from your computer color picker;
  • Brush Size: sets the default brush size to be used during the painting process. As, at this moment, this feature only simulates brushes, the only shape available is a circle;
  • Brush Color: sets the default brush color. Enter the RGB value or use the button to capture a color from your computer color picker.
  • Auto-Save Canvas: when enabled, will save an image of the canvas in the temporary folder. If user switches page and return to the canvas page later, the saved image will show up (instead of the original canvas). Erase Canvas interaction returns to the original canvas.
  • Outline on top: when enabled, will add a copy of the canvas layer on top of the painting.