Blink Widget

Widgets are pre-configured animations, ready to be used in Kwik’s projects. The Blink widget simulates the blinking effect using the content of a layer/group/page.

When selected, the Blink widget will open the following window:

You need to enter a Name for the animation (or accept Kwik’s suggestion). Kwik will cleanup your name if it contains spaces, strange characters, Lua reserved names, and/or if the length of the name is bigger than 15 characters.

Kwik automatically uses the selected Layer option (in this example, layer bikeWheelF). If you intention is to animate a group or the full page, select the appropriated radio button (and the group name).

Properties panel:

Information about the current layer content will appear in the top of the window (position and size). It is important to understand that animations will always use the current position of the layer, group or page as starting point.

Scale Y: vertical scale, in percent, which the original object will resize during the animation;

Duration: this is the total time, in seconds, from start to end positions of the animation;

Delay: wait time before the animation starts. if 0(zero), animations starts when the page loads;

Loop: amount of times the animation will repeat;

Reverse at ending: if checked, animation plays backwards when it reaches its ending;

Starts: sets when the animation starts. Options are:

  • When page starts: in this case, the animation automatically starts with the page (respecting the Delay option above);
  • Wait request: in this case, the animation will only play if activated by a button or action;

Return to start pos. after play: returns the object to its original start position when the animation ends;