Add Button

When pressed, the following window appears (notice that Kwik uses the same window for Actions):


  • Name: is the name of the action for future editing. Also, it will be the Lua function name into Kwik’s published code;
  • Default state: instructs Kwik to use a) the selected layer as the button, b) the full page as the button or c) a particular group as the button;
  • Over state: if a layer was selected in the Default state, user may select another layer to act as “(roll)over” state – IMPORTANT: layers in this state will NOT be available to be used in other interactions (animations, etc) because they will exist only for this button;
  • Type: sets the way user will interact with the button: selecting Tap (you can define the number of taps required for the interaction complete) means as soon as the button is pressed the action will be triggered, Press only triggers the interaction when user release the button;
  • Language group: defines the relation of the button with a previously created language group (check the Layer Language settings for more info);
  • Language: All means the button will be available in all project languages available. If a particular language name is selected, the button only will act in the appropriated language;

Properties panel

  • Interactions: lists all possible interactions available. The interactions are categorized according their functional group. For example, all sound related options are under Audio category. The majority of interactions will open a different window for parametrization. For a full list of available interactions and their usage, check this page:;
  • Actions: lists all interactions previously created in the action. Double-clicking a line will open the particular window for editing;
  • Up arrow button: switches the selected interaction (in the Actions list) position with the previous one;
  • Down arrow button: switches the selected interaction (in the Actions list) position with the following one;
  • Trash button: deletes the selected interaction in the Actions list;