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TROUBLE! On The Road

TROUBLE! On The Road

When it comes to creating a complete, interactive storybook app, without knowing code, Kwik delivers!

Don Jones


TROUBLE! On The Road

Join Joop as he heads off on a journey to the annual Jericho Arts and Craft show. His exciting trip quickly takes a turn for the worse when he encounters TROUBLE! on the road. Meet a variety of characters and discover who helps Joop survive his unfortunate plight.

Based on the Good Samaritan parable found in the Gospel of Luke, “TROUBLE! On the Road” is written and masterfully illustrated by Dennis Jones. The story concludes with a summary by Jesus instructing children to be helpful and kind to others.

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How did Kwik help?

When it comes to creating a complete, interactive storybook app, without knowing code, Kwik delivers!

Coming from a design background, I’ve used Photoshop for many years. When I came across Kwik, the idea of a Photoshop plugin that writes code for you and then outputs a “build” file seemed too good to be true. I purchased Kwik and have never looked back—this story book building plugin is so powerful. It’s loaded with a variety of interactive features and animations that easily enhance and improve a story. Prior to discovering Kwik, I thought you had to be a code-writing, brainiac in order to build a book app. Now, I know first hand, it can be done without knowing a ‘lick of code’. I’m still amazed how Kwik runs through the Photoshop files and layers, and publishes a ‘build’ file ready to review with Corona Lab’s simulator. Wow!

As it goes with learning anything new, I had some challenges. But by utilizing the Kwik User Guides, tutorials, YouTube movies, and the Kwiksher Forums, I could work through and solve about anything. Along with these different learning devices, Alex always has an answer! Anytime I posted in the forum, Alex has been there to provide insight and advice… and he’s quick! I really appreciate the service and support Alex provides for his product. It’s reassuring to know the Kwik creator is pulling for your success. Thank you, Alex

What are your favorite features?

Ugh! Naming favorite features is tough because I could talk about most any one of them. The one I used the most is the simple ‘linear animation’. Taking a Photoshop layer object, adding movement and direction in a specific amount of time, and mixing in some ‘easing” is a feature I use over and over.

I recall Alex saying, ‘once your layers are published, then the “fun” starts’… I’ve come to realize what he means. The ability to go back in and tweak an animation’s placement, movement, timing, etc., and then quickly publish and see the changes, is indeed F-U-N! In fact, to change and publish, change and publish, change and publish, is no big deal. You can easily tweak to perfection.

Any tips and tricks to share?

I think a good tip to pass along is to not give up. When an animation may not work as planned, or a dreaded black screen appears in the simulator, if you will just press on, keep learning and exploring, eventually things will make sense and become easier.

The process of building a Kwik app from creation to the App store takes focus and determination. The first thing to do is — PLAN. Write, edit, rewrite and finalize your story, create the illustrations, acquire or record sound effects and narration prior to building. Just like playing with blocks and stacking them on top of each other, building a Kwik storybook app is easier if it’s been planned out and your assets are ready to go.

One more suggestion is to get all facets of the app building process moving forward. At the same time you’re learning Kwik and creating your app, go ahead and get the membership process going with Apple Development. Start reading some marketing books and developing some marketing strategies to implement. Concentrate on the end goal, keep building a few pages each week and eventually, you’ll be uploading your app ‘for sale’ in the App store. Woo Woo!

Alex’s Review

This is a really fun storybook for children learning about biblical passages. The illustrations are gorgeous, the narration is professional and the animations are well done to enhance the story. Pretty cool job from the Jones brothers! Looking forward to the next one!