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The Three Little Pigs

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With Kwik, artists do not need to code anymore.

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The Three Little Pigs
An adorable kitten and his friends dress up as three little pigs and wolf in this playful twist of a classic English fairy tale. One day the pigs set out to build houses for themselves. One pig painstakingly made his with bricks to make it strong and sturdy, but the others carelessly built theirs with hay and sticks, preferring to spend their time dancing and playing in the fields instead. What happens when a big bad wolf comes over to blow the houses away?

Kids will soon find out through this interactive storybook designed to not just enhance reading skills but also teach important life values. Featuring beautiful graphics, professional narration, and endearing characters, Backseat Driver’s Three Little Pigs is a delight for kids and parents alike!


 Adorable character kids will surely love
 An option for kids to listen to a voice-over or read the storybook themselves
 Exciting Easter eggs and animations within pages
 Karaoke-style text for easy reading
 Special fonts for kids with dyslexia
 Quick and easy navigation
 Fun and delightful graphics and illustrations

The Three Little Pigs is one in a series of interactive storybooks published by the Backseat Driver. Like others in the series, it is meant to inculcate values and lessons in a fun and interactive way. For more information about Backseat Driver’s games, please visit www.backseat-driver.com or check our Facebook page.

How did Kwik help?

Kwiksher made the storybook creation much easier and convenient for the team. The artists do not need to code anymore.

What are your favorite features?

Action and physics features.

Any tips and tricks to share?

Start multiple animations using the Action feature.

Alex’s Review

This storybook is part of a series of (currently) five apps. Like the others, it is gorgeously illustrated, with good narration, text sync with audio, animations and a few interactions across all pages. It targets small children and offers optional font for people with dyslexia. Personally, I think this storybook is the best of the series. The team at Backseat Driver is improving the storytelling as well as the use of animations across the story. Great job!