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The Snow Queen Musical Children’s Interactive Storybook Adventure

The Snow Queen
The Snow Queen

I am a musician and I do not know how to program. Kwik was not hard to learn and, with imagination, I was able to include everything I needed in my app.

Laura Watkins


The Snow Queen Musical

A Wonderful Musical Story book Adventure based on the Classic Fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson!

Featuring five original fully orchestrated children songs with sing-a-long text – Beautiful illustrations – Fun interactive characters – Coloring pages and much more!

Created for the iPad, this app can also be enjoyed on Android Tablets and the Kindle Fire!

The Snow Queen is an adventurous tale of friendship between two children Gerda and Kai. When Kai is kidnapped by the evil Snow Queen, Gerda undertakes an epic journey to bring him home. Along the way she encounters colorful characters, such as the Queen of Spring, a group of tricky bandits, and a magical reindeer!

With 5 beautifully produced original songs, both children and parents can sing-a-long together, while enjoying this timeless tale of friendship.

App Features

  • Five original fully orchestral kid-friendly songs, performed by professional singers, with sing along text!
  • Beautiful illustrations with fun interactive characters and hidden surprises on each page!
  • Full cast of characters performed by professional actors!
  • 4 coloring pages when you view on iPad!
  • Read to Me” featuring dramatic narration and music.
  • Read it Myself” for your own personalized experience.
  • Funny sound effects.
  • Highlighted text to assist young readers.
  • Easy to navigate table of contents.

How did Kwik help?

The Kwik plugin was invaluable to me in my app development process. I am a musician, and do not know how to program! I was looking at several options for non programmers when I came across Kwik. I spend about 50% of my day using photoshop in my internet business and the prospect of being able to use the program I know so well to create my app on multiple platforms was all I needed to convince me. It was not hard to learn, and with imagination, I was able to include everything I needed in my app.

What are your favorite features?

My story made use of the animations, sprite sheets, switch images, text sync, and coloring pages.
I loved all features. On the musical numbers of my app I used sprite sheets, path animations, bouncing and more to create dancing children, bouncing townspeople, happy birds etc…

Any tips and tricks to share?

Sync Text tips: I ran in to problems when syncing my text with songs or long text passages. When there is a long audio file, the sync text takes quite awhile to load up. I had to alter my story on all songs to either remove or minimize the sync text. If your page is taking a long time to load up, this might be the culprit.

Make a table of contents: I created a table of contents early on in the project just to help me test it. I created a screen shot of each page and then made each screenshot into a button that I could use to go to each page as I liked. This worked great!

Walking characters: If you are trying to make the illusion of walking, try an up and down sprite sheet with a linear path… (when I first tried to create walking I had drawn an extremely detailed path animation that was tiny up’s and downs while slowly moving sideways, but this took about 5 pages of code, and was not efficient.

Size: Trying to get your app under 50MB for android is hard! I had to crush my audio to 80bites, which I only did for android. I used Image Alpha to crush each png file as much as possible. This took forever, because there is no batch process for Image Alpha, but it took my app size from 150MB to 50MB.