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Lets put it this way: no Kwik, no game.

Jason Acebron



Dodge the stones. Sounds easy enough right? Introducing Stone Vs Caveman. The highly addicted game thats easy to learn, hard to master. Whats your top high score?

How did Kwik help?

Lets put it this way. No Kwik, No game. Alex and Kwiksher’s community forums has helped me out a lot.
Kwik was originally created for storybook app creation. Using Kwik to create a game was no easy task. But as Kwik grew, my game grew. And I am proud to say that 95% of my game was created using its native tools, all built from inside the software. So download the game, have fun and be sure to post your highest scores via social media to help spread the word.

What are your favorite features?

My favorite feature is the ability to chain multiple events via action panel.

Alex’s Review

Jason pushed Kwik’s limits to the edge in order  to create this addictive game. I particularly love when the caveman gets “iced”. Nice work!