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Smile – إبتسم

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please look at the story interesting collection for children in Arabic




Each title includes:
– High quality of the image
– interesting text
– audio effects
– voice and text synchronized

How did Kwik help?

A Drag-n-Drop then link with action(s) is what better describes kwik.
the Kwik plugin offers all the essential tools in order to create intuitive and simplified apps and audio books.
In few clicks you can start testing your app.

What are your favorite features?

RTL support of the sync text.
It’s rare to find a good Arabic/RTL support on other softwares/SDK.

Tips or Tricks:

Prepare all you need for the project before you start.
– Butons
– Images
– Backgrounds
– Audios…
A good start make you gain considerable time to spend on improving your app.