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Kwik allows me to focus on the creative aspects of my storybook app development rather than the technical side.

Alena Amundson


Scribbaloo Art

Calling all little artists! Draw, paint and make with Scribbaloo and his friends!

Do you want to make your very own pig out of easy-to-find and fun materials? Well it is amazing what you can do with Scribbaloo and his friends as they show you how in this interactive and creative app, full of fun, giggles, colors, sounds and much much more…

Scribbaloo is a creative and loveable monkey who invites kids to ‘Make Some Pigs’ with him and his artist friends: Auntie Esther, Terry, Iggy, Mr. Featherton and Hairy Molly. In his studio, Scribbaloo guides kids through the process of making a pig out of cardboard and other materials. Making a pig is great fun, and each page has lots of sounds, interactivity and animations. Scribbaloo Pigs also encourages and inspires kids to explore their creativity using the App as a guide for making their very own pig in real life!

Scribbaloo was created by two Irish artists, Mary Noonan and Fionnuala Hanahoe. They believe that the creative potential in every child is immense and that the most amazing artworks can be made with the simplest of materials, with imagination always being the secret and most special ingredient! Mary and Fionnuala have facilitated hundreds of art workshops with thousands of children and they created this first in the series of Scribbaloo Art Apps for Kids to make the art workshop experience accessible to kids everywhere.


DRAW: help Scribbaloo draw a pig on some cardboard.

EXPLORE MATERIALS: discover recycled and other art materials in Auntie Esther’s bag.

PAINT: choose different colors for your pig and help Mr. Featherton do the painting!

RECYCLE and MAKE A REAL PIG: learn how to make a pig in real life from easy-to-find recycled materials.

DRESS UP the pig, take a photo with Hairy Molly and save it to your photo library.

HAVE FUN with lots of sounds, interactions and animations on every page.

OTHER FEATURES: designed and developed by artists who have facilitated hundreds of art workshops with thousands of children.

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How did Kwik help?

The Kwik plugin was integral to the development and design of Scribbaloo Pigs. We are a team of two artists from Ireland and our experience and expertise is in designing and facilitating art workshops for kids. We wanted to take the art workshop experience and make it accessible to kids everywhere and decided to create Scribbaloo Art Apps for Kids to do this. As we came to this project with no funding and no development experience, Kwik was the perfect tool for us to use.

What are your favorite features?

As we were making Scribbaloo Pigs for the iOS and Amazon marketplaces, the ability to make a Universal app that we could easily adapt for each market place was invaluable and saved us a lot of time. Being a two-person development team any feature that saves us time is really really good!
As Scribbaloo Pigs is for younger kids, being able to enrich our app with animations in Kwik has made our product a much more rewarding interactive experience.

Any tips and tricks to share?

I think using the New Universal feature in Kwik really helped us. We found it really quick and easy to publish to different platforms doing this. We are also looking forward to giving Kutt a try on our next app.

Alex’s Review

Scribbaloo Pigs is a fun app, full of activities that will entertain young artists (and maybe their parents as well). I personally liked a lot the ability to reproduce Scribbaloo activities in real life and I think children will enjoy it a lot. Very nice indeed!