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Scouting Thomas

Without Kwik, Scouting Thomas would still be a concept in search of an outlet.

Bryon Carson


Scouting Thomas
Thomas is having a great time in the Junior Campout Scouts and wanted to share the experience with kids everywhere! Come explore games, comics, songs, cartoons, and fun projects all while collecting patches for your very own brag rag.

Join Thomas and his “Campoutter” friends as they explore the great outdoors, the importance of teamwork, the value of friendship, and the joys of learning through games, songs, humor and creativity.

Jokes and Games: Do you like telling jokes and figuring out puzzles?
Well you’ll find them both here! The new Scrambl’dcross games will keep you surprised AND entertained.

How To Do: Learn how to make something fun that you can play with anywhere…well almost anywhere.

Classic Campfire Theater: Check out this cartoon version of a classic campfire skit that will have you laughing in no time.

Hey Kids! Comics!: Interactive comics that prove that the silliest things can happen when you’re hiking and camping!

Tune Toons: Have you ever heard of the Buddy System? Well you have now! Here’s a catchy song and funny video all about the importance of safety.

As you play you’ll earn patches for completing tasks and even BONUS patches too.

Sounds like fun, right? So pick up the Scouting Thomas app and come out and play!

Created by Animation Director Bryon Carson and Songwriter Steve Belkin.

How did Kwik help?

Kwik opened up many possibilities for ways to create a project that was even more interactive and creative than what we envisioned at the start. Kwik 2 added so much interactive capability that we were able to implement functionality that turned this from a kind of graphic ebook presentation to a true interactive app. Without Kwik, Scouting Thomas would still be a concept in search of an outlet.

What are your favorite features?

Kwik’s ease of use and ability to incorporate variables are what makes this app a wonder for us on this first project and the ones we have in the pipeline.

Any tips and tricks to share?

Make copies of your build folder at least several times a day, saving each one as an iteration. This way if you mess up your current build, you have a recent backup to go to instead of starting over again. Just discard the build that has issues and rename the folder of your most recent working backup to the current one and reload the project.

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