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Piggly Wiggly and The Great Woods

Piggly Wiggly and The Great Woods

Kwik allowed our illustrators and designers, without any prior coding or app experience, to rapidly design and convert 35 pages of our book “Piggly Wiggly” into an app.

Stephen Jang


Piggly Wiggly and The Great Woods

Are you looking for a cute, curious character who gets himself into crazy yet educational adventures? Piggly Wiggly is the mischievous little pig who finds himself in fun new situations every day.

Just starting to get his little hooves dirty, join Piggly as he ventures out to the great unknown. Craving for adventure, excitement and companions, watch as he discovers new friends, becomes a hero and finds himself in a bacon turning event.

Join him today and discover the world of Piggly Wiggly and The Great Woods!


• written by EARLY CHILDHOOD SPECIALIST: Maureen Weinhardt
• music composed by UK QUALIFIED MUSIC THERAPIST: Emma Mak
• (coming soon) informative food details from ACCREDITED DIETITIAN: Vivien Yiu


• Story: Reads and behaves just like a book. Encourages readers to read the story and listen to the narrations.
• Adventure: Once your children have finished reading, reward them with the Adventure mode where they can interact with the objects on every page. Offers immersive interactivity and educational challengs.

-= GAMES =-

• Game – Find and Tap challenges
• Game – Eat the Corn action game:
• Game – Spelling bee visual challenge
• and much more!


• Dual Mode offering excellent replay value
• Record your own narration of the story: watch your kids listen with 100% engagement
• Amazing illustrations: Professional illustrator from Australia offering unique art
• Unlock more challenges with each page progression
• Narrations and Text Highlighting: Immerse your children in the story and let them learn at the same time!

-= Your child will learn while they are playing our story. This children’s story will keep your child entertained for hours and keep them coming back for more. =-

“If there is one app you need to keep your kids entertained in the car during a long trip, this is it” … author of The Everything Parent’s Guide to Raising Mindful Children


How did Kwik help?

The Kwik plugin allowed our illustrators and designers without any prior coding or app experience to rapidly design and convert 35 pages of our book “Piggly Wiggly” into an app.

Besides giving them the visual design environment in the familiar Photoshop setting, it also allowed our developers to examine and learn from the code generated by Kwik, without that our developers (and designers) would have taken LONGER to develop the “book” app.

What are your favorite features?

Way too many to list, besides the essential features of what makes a “book” app like page turning, sound, animation, karaoke text highlighting etc. The best feature was making IN-APP purchases so EASY!

Simply click on a button and fill in a simple form… DONE.

Any tips and tricks to share?

Try and use sprite sheets where possible and remember: wherever there is SOUND there should also be ANIMATION.

Alex’s Review

Piggly Wiggly and The Great Woods is really well made, including a good story, several animations, professional narration and illustration, casual games and an innovative (not tested) feature that allows parents to record their own narration and send to others via web. However, it requires in-app purchase to read the full 35 pages of the story (the original, free, download only unlocks 5 pages) and get access to the full list of games and cool features. Personally, I don’t like in-app purchase (or ads) in children’s books. I hate to imagine the frustration of a young reader, who is enjoying the app and needs to stop because he/she cannot purchase the “final product”. This is the only reason this app does not go to my “all time favorite, made with Kwik, list”. If in-app purchase is not a blocker for you, this is really a great addition to any children’s book digital library.