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Monkey Spot the Difference

Monkey Spot the Difference

Kwik just keeps getting better and better. Once again, I couldn't have made the app without it.

Warwick Hays


** 6 NEW games! Now a TOTAL of 12! **

Help your child learn by helping them spot the differences in these fun images!

This application is designed not to be too difficult or too easy, so as to teach your child in a way that won’t frustrate them. They still may need your help a little, but it won’t take them long to start to spot the small and not so small differences between the two pictures with the aid of engaging characters and graphics.

By playing this game, your child can improve their concentration and observation skills along with their hand-eye-coordination and matching skills. It also helps them learn to count to five!

** All NEW game play **

The differences can be spotted on either side but tap them on the left side and the ‘ring’ will move. Once you have all five we celebrate and automatically move onto the next game.
Answers show on the right, just incase you can’t find the last one or two.

The fun sounds & colourful images engage your child in the learning process. This is one game you will love to play with your child to help and encourage them to learn!


– NO In-App Purchases
– NO Ads
– NO tracking or collection of user data
– NO requests for personal information
– NO links to the web or social networks
– iPad Mini, iPad HD
– Improves visual concentration and Hand-Eye Coordination
– Engaging colourful images and catchy, fun sound effects and music
– Play or stop background music
– Enjoy your Spot the Difference experience with Mike, Hank, Eddie and our two new additions to the team, Lucy and Millie!

We really appreciate your feedback – If you enjoy playing our app, please take a minute to rate and review it. Please consider that we cannot reply to your comments in the Appstore. If you have any questions or need our help, please use the given support link.


How did Kwik help?

As always, Kwik is the key element for me to be able to makes apps at all.
Once again, I couldn’t have made the app without Kwik. It just keeps getting better and better.
I’m really looking forward to using the new Kwik with my next app. It’s getting so much easier to just concentrate on design and making things do what you want easily rather than spending lots of time figuring out code.

What are your favorite features?

For this 2.0 version of the app, my favourite feature has to be variables (never thought I’d be saying that, because I couldn’t figure them out!).
I have finally been able to understand a small part of how variables work and it totally changed how this app works. It’s allowed me to add a little bit of game logic and automation to the app!

Any tips and tricks to share?

Just keep at it. I know I’m not the only one who has done this but I have to say there was a wonderful ‘Happy Dance’ done when I finally figured out variables. We all get stuck but the best thing to do is take a break and come back to it fresh.
My other quick tip would be to take that break in the shower. It seems to be the place I have the most number of ‘aha’ moments and best ideas!

Alex’s Review

Twisted Logic (previously Froot Media) did a stupendously job re-building the original app, adding not only more games but providing feedback to users when they completes the game. Illustrations are really cute and the the different scenes will give your young kids a bunch of fun time. Great job!