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Kids Can Draw – Handwriting Training Tool

Kids Can Draw - Handwriting Training Tool

Kwik can easily pay by itself in no time, since you are cutting out the programmer as the middleman.

Michael Reina


Kids Can Draw – Handwriting Training Tool
Meet Kids Can Draw – Handwriting Training Tool! An app created by experts in the child developmental field. This app features an interactive learning system where children (or grownups) can learn the basic shapes of objects, practice line tracing, and learn the letters of the alphabet in both English and Spanish.

Kids Can Draw features a simple and intuitive interface that any child can start using within seconds, providing them with interactive learning activities.



Here they will learn to recognize the most common shapes around them by liking them to real objects. Tapping on the page reveals the object that the shape represents. Taping again reveals the shape. All of these activities have English and Spanish text, with a focus on teaching kids the words in Spanish.


Here they will also learn the basic colors around them, in a similar fashion. Kids can toggle between the color and a shape representing the color.


In this section kids will be presented with shapes they can trace with their finger. These shapes have been carefully selected by our O.T. professional, Ashley Reina.

Learning to draw the basic geometric shapes forms the foundation for printing (handwriting) and drawing. The shapes that you see this portion of the app, are sequenced in order of development. By the time a child reaches approximately 5 years and 3 months they should have the developmental skills to draw all these shapes.
Help kids learn by teaching them using four basic steps:
Imitation: the child watches you and tries to repeat it.
Tracing: Trace over the stroke with a finger or stylus.
Copying: Demonstrate how to make the shape, then have the child make the same stroke.
Independent formation: Ask the child to form the shape from memory.

How did Kwik help?

Kwik was a lifesaver for us. My wife is an Occupational Therapist, and she has all these ideas for tools that may help her clients save money and still get a professionally finished product. Kwik allowed us to focus on the design of our app, and to speed up the developing process by more than a 100%. As a graphic designer, I see incredible value in Kwik. It can easily pay by itself in no time, since you are cutting out the programmer as the middleman. You also have more control over your deployment, and can afford to have your app developed with a very small budget.

What are your favorite features?

– Hands down, the drawing tool. This is what makes our app so unique. Having this, and other out-of-the-box widgets available with the click of a mouse, was the biggest feature for us.
– Another feature is the user interface. Kwik has gotten better and better with time. We started using Kwik 1 when it was in its infancy, and have had a opportunity to see the grow to what it is right now.
– Lastly, the best feature, in our opinion, is having a dedicated software developer making sure that all our concerns are being heard and attended to in a promptly manner. This, combined with the active participation of the community forum members is the key to Kwik’s success.

Any tips and tricks to share?

– Don’t forget that to hide UI elements in your apps, “there is a button for that!” It may sound funny, but we didn’t use this feature until recently (we would use actions and a timer…very silly of us).
– We use the copy and paste function to duplicate actions, and assets. It has saved us hours of work (I’m not exaggerating either).
– Don’t forget to use the image optimization option after your images have been rendered. This option alone cut down the size of our project by 60%.
– Do take time to participate in community forums.

Alex’s Review

Kids Can Draw is a great example of what a team of talented (non-developer) professional can do together! The interface is beautiful and the simplicity of the design amazes me. I wish my youngest son have something like that when we move from Brazil to the United States and he needed to be alphabetized in both languages. A really nice first app from Zeilk Apps. Looking forward to see what they will bring in the near future.