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Kate Storm: Escape

Kate Storm: Escape

Simply put, Kwik enabled a one man studio create an interactive adventure!

Chris Luetchford


Kate Storm: Escape
Join Dr Kate Storm in an epic adventure. The adventure begins on a much needed holiday in the sun but soon descends into a dark mystery. Help Kate in this dark mystery adventure and try to work out how to escape!
Follow the story and explore Kate’s surroundings with intuitive controls and beautiful 3D graphics. It is important that you investigate everything – even the smallest detail with help you to can unravel the mystery!
• Simple, intuitive point and tap-to-play
• Beautiful 3D, original graphics with over 70 interactive scenes
• Full motion Video!
• Captivating and unique story – excite your imagination!
• Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

How did Kwik help?

Kwik was the critical part of putting my game together. It helped me concentrate on the art and simplify the programming. Simply put, Kwik enabled a one man studio create an interactive adventure!

What are your favorite features?

Everything! Kwik just keeps getting better and better!

Alex’s Review

I have to confess I am not a gamer (my youngest son was the one who finished Stranded). What I mostly enjoy in some games are their interface and interactions. Chris do a great job on his renderings (check some screenshots above and you will see). Kate Storm has beautiful shots and interesting videos. At this moment I am trying to finding a way to scape the forest (yes, you will find several different environments in the game). Playability is good, if you are a fan of point and click games. Remember that, some times you will need to interact with “shakes and drags” to figured out ways to complete a stage. I would like to have some “more clear” tips in some screens and maybe an inventory of the objects I collected. Overall, a good example that games can be made with Kwik as well.