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Kappas were really bad or not?

Kaori Hamura Long


Kappa Jizo

APP DESCRIPTION: This hand drawn interactive picture book app will get your kids thinking about the importance of being open-minded towards people who are different from you. You can listen along with audio recorded in English or Japanese. Kids can also have fun with interactive characters and the coloring page! You can tap, drag and pinch the characters and objects while the story plays.

Hana and Haku’s parents always warned their children to be careful of the monsters called Kappas, but the children weren’t so sure if the Kappas were really bad or not. When the children brought gifts to the statues by the lake, they had a surprising discovery. Kappas weren’t bad monsters after all. The Kappas thought humans were the scary monsters! After their adventure together, the two families realize that even though they look different, they are the same in many ways.

Your children will find that they can be friends with people even though they come from different backgrounds. They can even make life more interesting! For children age 3 and up

Promo Codes:

iTunes – 93FXNKWMRA6K
iTunes – 9ETTJYXTR6M6
Google Play – 9RV3S5N1UT52MXXEG8143BW
Google Play – 9JEKNX95MA1VBU4Z0QBTS72

Kappa Jizo Promo from Kaori Hamura Long on Vimeo.

How did Kwik help?

Even as an artist and writer with no programming background, I was able to make my first interactive picture book app. With easy to use Kwik menus directly inside the Photoshop, you can program your book the way you want.

What are your favorite features?

• Action
• Physic
• Multi-Language Options
• Sprite Sheet
• Great Tutorial
• Great Technical Support

Tips or Tricks:

• Even when your app plays fine on Corona Simulator, it might not plays on Xcode Simulator. It would be helpful if you know some programming.