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New Testament iWitness

Kwik allowed me to focus on my layout and interface without being distracted by coding.

Doug Powell


New Testament iWitness
New Testament iWitness is an interactive look at the history and formation of the canon that lets you do the investigation. Who wrote the books? How do we know? How was it handed down? Has it changed? How can we know we have the original text? Where there any books that could have been included but were left out? What was the criteria for being included? New Testament iWitness answers these questions and more.

How did Kwik help?

I’m more designer than programmer, so it was a great help to have Kwik output all the graphics and create code that I could then manipulate as needed. Kwik allows me to focus on the aesthetic experience rather than being mired in code.

What are your favorite features?

The automated sizing and exporting of images is a huge time saver. But the most helpful features for me are the intuitive tools for adding interactions such as image swapping, and ability to add animation.