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Have You Heard

Kwik is like a Swiss Army knife for developers and designers.

Julian Stokoe


Have You Heard

Have You Heard is a comedy tale set down on the farm about a case of “barnyard whispers” as told by comedian Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords, Yes Man, The Boat That Rocked). For kids of all ages.

Farmer Blue is clattering off on his tractor past Peko to pick up a few things from the village. When Peko tells Summer what those few things were, he gets them all muddled up. Here starts a pumpkin vine of mix ups and befuddlements which winds its way full-circle around the barnyard. By this time, Farmer Blue’s news has grown into a far out tale of giant moon pumpkin proportions!

Have You Heard offers readers different ways to watch and play the story. It can be read out loud or Rhys can be selected to read it for you. “Darby Mode” includes an original score and self-generated sound effects for the characters, farm machinery and even inanimate items such as a turnip.

In addition to the interactive story, the app comes bundled with a memory game to help kids learn while they’re having fun dragging and dropping items around the screen. The story’s interactive items can also be turned off so that readers’ attention isn’t distracted from the progress of the story.

Choose how you want to Watch, Play and Read. Turn interactive items and sound on or off with an intuitive interface which invites discover-ability.

Readers, look out for kiwi-isms, befuddlements, homonyms, synonyms and cinnamon.

Review by Digital Storytime: http://digital-storytime.com/review.php?id=833
Review by Cool Mom Tech: http://www.coolmomtech.com/2013/11/have-you-heard-app-rhys-darby.php#more

How did Kwik help?

Kwik is really an essential tool if you’re a creative working in Photoshop and need to get your art out to Corona. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for developers. Being able to choose which layers to render was very helpful along with being able to output to multiple resolutions. The other really useful part of Kwik is it’s suite of animation tools which allows for some quite involved sequences. Offering the ability to parent or stack groups and also chain link animations one after the next really helped the task of animation.

What are your favorite features?

Being able to choose which layers to output is really useful. Stacking groups and playing an action when an animation ends helps to create advanced animation sequences. Automatically scaling image layers to conform to even sized pixel dimensions is priceless.

Any tips and tricks to share?

Here’s a tip for animators to achieve a squash, stretch and bouncy settle. Add a linear animation to a group or image and only change the length to a second and choose outElastic. Next set up an action and select scale to squash the image by setting the X by 1.1 and about .65 on the Y. After setting the scale add the linear animation to the action. Publish and behold the bouncy settle.

Alex’s Review

What an amazing app! In just a word: gorgeous! Nice story, great illustration and narration, interesting game activities after the story ends and super duper animations. I love it!