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Halloween Recreation

Halloween Recreation
Halloween Recreation

This makes our 3rd app that had been created with Kwik and we are already working on the 4th.

Larry Meadows


Halloween Recreation
Welcome to “Halloween recreation” to enjoy multiple activities for the kids in a stylized cartoony visual world around Halloween.

Make your pumpkin! Let’s experiment with thousands combinations of elements to create your own pumpkin, and when you’re ready add it to your photo library!

Pick a Booooh! Meets the lost cute and scary little things forgotten in the attic, if you touch them, they will make their own sound and move for you! Will you dare to touch them?

Sketches & Colors: Do you want to take a smooth instant coloring one of the six drawings, or try to do yours from scratch? When you’re happy with your Halloween sketch, take a screenshot and save it into your photo library to save your lovely monstrous drawings.

The 7 errors: Are you up to challenge your cute brain with three puzzles and find the errors in it?

Halloween Recreation is the “App of Week Winner from Corona Labs” contest!

How did Kwik help?

Kwik allowed me to develop the app using my favorite software, Photoshop, and also having a really living development cycle. I tested ideas, tested in few seconds on various screens. You don’t have to export your assets and made them ready for an engine following multiple constraints, they are formatted when you click on the button to export.

What are your favorite features?

Coloring canvas, is a great feature to give kids great instants of entertainment. Exporting one page only is great, so you can work on one section at a time, when you want to perform changes. Porting is made easy also when Kwik export assets, it doesn’t crop or trim, so you can use extend your canvas by keeping your current format.

Any tips and tricks to share?

Work with smart objets, it will save you a lot of time, and will allow you to change, at any time, many visual assets, if needed, without braking too much things in your project. You could have to edit and tweak some linear animations if you changed size of assets, but it saves you a lot of time when porting your app to new resolutions.