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Gary's Place

Kwik enabled me to develop a page in 15 minutes!

Will Terry


Gary’s Place

The story of a gopher who gets tired of living with his parents in their tiny hole and strikes out to build his own hole -but Gary catches the building bug and can’t stop building more and more rooms until a disaster destroys all his hard work.


Digital Storytime Review: http://digital-storytime.com/android/review.php?id=859

iMums Review: http://www.theimum.com/2014/01/garys-place-by-giggle-desk-review-giveaway/


How did Kwik help?

The Kwik plugin allowed me to build an app without any knowledge of how to program. It enabled me to develop a page (writing the Lua code for me) in 15 minutes! Since it’s a Photoshop plugin I can work in a familiar environment without having to constantly export my images to test animations. It might not be the easiest program to learn but 10 times easier than leaning to code.

What are your favorite features?

One of the best things about Kwik is the fact that you can add multiple animations to one layer. I actually used this quite a bit in the app. It allows you to create a wide variety of different and unique animations. I also used the easing options for the linear animations. These can make your app feel more organic and less mechanical.

Any tips and tricks to share?

If you run into an error or glitch, try to reproduce that same occurrence. If you can make it happen multiple times eventually you find out what you did to cause it. If you run into something you can’t figure out – post it on the Corona and Kwik forums. There are always people waiting to help you out.

Alex’s Review

Will Terry is one of my favorite illustrators and I am very happy to finally see one of his work transformed into an app made with Kwik. Whereas other authors would probably add lots of animations and effects, he decided to focus on an educative story with simple animation. You get immersed on the words and the illustrations, nothing else. Of course it is gorgeously illustrated with a nice narration and sound effects. I loved it!