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The Enchanted Garden


Celeste the Blue Girl

Kwik makes very simple to create an interactive storybook.

Bianca Ackermann


The Enchanted Garden

Dive with the four friends Meredith, Tom, Susan and Nicholas into an adventure full of magical things.
Meet unicorns, green mountain goats, a blue elephant, funny dressed monkeys and much more …
This adventure you will not forget soon….

For parents:

This children’s book app includes 20 wonderful pages of fantasy and magical things.

You can choose between “read myself” and “read to me”.

In the “read to me” option you can enjoy professional narration with word by word highlighting.

The kids can tap the sparkling things and some magical things happens….

You can change the language between german and english.

This app does not contain any advertising or in-app purchase.

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How did Kwik help?

Very simple to create an interactive audio book..

Any favorite Kwik features?

Text replacement for the word by word highlight.

Alex’s Review

The Enchanted Garden is a pure storybook app so, do not expect fancy sounds, many clickable objects and lots of animation. However, if you are looking for  a good story and many pages to read, this app is for you.