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It took me about a week to build the app with the plugin.

François Walter


CreaShape Fairy Tales

Crea World Fairy Tales is a first of a serie of app that help Children create their own illustrations.

It is a creative app that enables kids to build, illustrate and share their own Fairy Tales stories with friends and family around the world. Using colorful shapes to build scenes and characters, your kids will be able to create wonderful illustrations in minutes.

Place the different shapes on the canvas and let your imagination guide you: move, rotate, scale and multiply the shapes to create your own artwork.

This app contains everything you need to create an original fairy tale!

Save your personal compositions and share with your family and friends. You can even enter and compete in our monthly contests!

Start your journey of creative building fun!

• Simple and intuitive
• Incredible creative possibilities
• Beautiful and original graphics
• Save and share your masterpieces
• Join our art community and enter our contests
• No rules, stress or time limits – play any way you want
• No third-party advertising
• No in-app purchases

How did Kwik help?

Kwik helped me to setup all the interactions (except the drag and drop actions in the main page) quickly and simply. For the rest I just had to hire a programer to write the external code needed.

The good thing is there are many freelance programers that are Corona experts, and when the app is already designed with Kwik, it is simple and not so expensive to ask someone to code specific features.

The whole process with Kwik was really simple. It took me about a week to build the app with the plugin.

What are your favorite features?

There is many great features in Kwik, it is difficult to start.

I use a lot of animations with easing effects. Also buttons and multiplier replacement.

I love the ability to copy and paste an action, a page or a whole project, it really help to speed up the process of creating new apps.

What I like the most in Kwik is that it is simple to build an app, yet powerfull, and the end result thank to Corona engine is really robust and work on all platform. That is really the best feature you can have!

Any tips and tricks to share?

If you got a bug when you test on device but not on the Simulator, you can simply open a console message via Xcode to see what is causing the problem. Usually it is a lower/upper case issue it is simple to fix when you know the file that is causing the problem.

Alex’s Review

It is really cool to see Kwik extended to create a nice app that allows children to build scenes and take pictures of it. There are thousands of combinations that can make this activity book useful for many hours.