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Crea Puzzle Animals

Crea Puzzle Animals

I only spend a few days to create the entire scripting with Kwik.

François Walter


Crea Puzzle Animals

More than just a puzzle app, Crea Puzzle Animals helps aspiring young artists develop confidence in their skills while learning the principles of shapes, colors and design.
Assemble simple shapes to create playful, colorful and funny animals. The puzzles show children how to illustrate animals with simple colors and shapes and help them develop representational skills. The best way to take children’s creative talent to new heights.

Specifically designed for the development needs of toddlers, these jigsaw puzzles will help your child with the following key skills:
Shape and color matching
Design and creative representation
Logic and observation
Fine Motor Skills
Key Features:
No In-app purchases or Ads
Age-appropriate content
16 cute animal Jigsaw Puzzles
Fun Soundtrack and sound effects
Simple interface
5 to 13 piece jigsaw puzzles



How did Kwik help?

Kwik make it really easy to create the app. I only spend a few days to create the entire scripting with Kwik. So I could spend more time designing illustrating and going out of my computer to enjoy life 🙂

What are your favorite features?

Kwik is definitively full of features and possibilities! The drag and drop feature was exactly what I needed for this game. It is perfect for making jigsaw puzzles.
The scroll object was also useful for making the menu to select the different puzzles.
I really enjoyed the ability to copy and paste entire pages. So I had to make the script only 1 time and paste it on my 16 other puzzles 🙂

Any tips and tricks to share?

I really recommend to localize the descriptions and keywords in different languages as it really help to reach other country and sell more apps. I have made the experience with my previous apps.
If you need some help with French and German translation just mail me. We can share our language knowledge.

Don`t give up keep doing 🙂

Alex’s Review

With lots of puzzles to make, this app will draw the attention of young ones for a while. Like all apps from MoobleGum, the characters are really cute. A suggestion for the future: why not to allow users to create their own “Lego style” animals with some blocks? They could even take a picture of it and send to friends or relatives…