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…but then I found Kwik! And within a few minutes I was sold, ditched iBook Author, and was creating my first pages!

Luc Adriaens


It’s Corali’s birthday, and she throws a birthday party to celebrate with her friends. Then an uninvited guest disturbs the party…


– Story with beautiful colorful illustrations
– Fun sound effects and interactive characters
– Hidden surprises on each page!
– “Read to me” function
– Narration and music by professionals
– Games pages
– Easy navigation

Next update:

There will be an update in the near future with an extra story and games. This update will be free for existing customers.

Once updated with an extra story and games, the current promotion will end and the app will cost more for new customers.

How did Kwik help?

I had the idea for creating a digital story book for more than I year…

First I was looking to create an App from scratch. I even followed a course to learn IOS programming. A big mistake and a wast of time and money!

Second I was exploring tools to use Adobe InDesign to create digital magazines for the iPad. There are some impressive on the market, but way to
expensive and there were only a few tools to create some basic storybooks.

At the end I was working with iBook Author, since that was the only option for my budget.

But then I found Kwik! And within a few minutes I was sold, ditched iBook Author, and was creating my first pages!

As a Graphic Designer, I draw a lot in Adobe Illustrator with the Pen and Blob tool. But since you can place drawings inside Photoshop as Smart
Objects, you can still can edit them in Illustrator! So it was a no-brainer to do it all in Photoshop!

What are your favorite features?

You may surprised, but I really like the Add Button tool! Here you can add all sorts of effects when people click on an object or character. Also the Path animation and Physics are impressive! Kwik is so powerful!

Any tips and tricks to share?

Make a storyboard and write down where to use animations, sounds, voices, special things. I’ve used it also as a central place to write down naming conventions for sounds and objects. It turned out to be a valuable document to keep me focused.

Create style sheets of your characters to keep your characters under control.

Let your gut feeling decide what to do. You can – and must – listen to other persons, get advice. But in the end you have to follow your gut feeling and go for it.