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Introducing the first chapter of ``Beastly Crusader``, a brand new reading experience with an animated novel !



Beastly Crusader

APP DESCRIPTION: “Children standing at the Crossroad, What have you chosen in the end?”

A Chaotic Era, confusing warriors…
Between Heaven and Earth, a Holy War initiated by ambition…

On the stage of the final duel between the Humans and Orks,
spiritual knight Aichill has to face the cruel choice of Faith and Destiny…

* Original story and world;
* 55 pages of full colour illustrations;
* Interactive gesture control;
* Optimized for reading on mobile devices;
* Perfect combination of novel and animation;
* Language Support: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Language support for Korean, French coming soon.

Promo Codes:

iTunes – JH4LAP33PMM4
iTunes – 6E3YX434JWEK
Google Play – SD245LAAXY6WXQ2985625KM
Google Play – 3VHTPEQBD16J1DV67BQ60ZW

How did Kwik help?

As an artist and writer with no programming background, Kwik offers the best solution for me to turn my story into the mobile format that I would like to present, on various platforms and multiple languages.

What are your favorite features?

• Action
• External Code
• Multi-Language Support

Tips or Tricks:

• Plan ahead:
List out what would happen on each pages so you can budget your time and effort more effectively;

• Make sure you go through the tutorials to have a good understanding of how KWIK works;

• Do lots of little test for the features you want before implementing into your project;

• Ask questions on the forum, lots of friendly developers would generally provide you with an answer or solution!