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Augui and the Never-ending Tears

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What happens when a little girl drinks a rain potion?

Sofia Caessa


Augui and the Never-ending Tears

What happens when a little girl drinks a rain potion? She can’t stop crying!
Now it’s up to Augui, the Witch of the Moon, to find a solution. Help Augui cure her granddaughter Feelu by following them on a delightful adventure filled with wonderful characters and mysterious places.

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How did Kwik help?

We started out working with a company that developed apps for us. We felt that having a “middleman” interfered with our creative process. We started experimenting with Kwik about a year ago and it has been very positive. Kwik has allowed us to see right away, as a product, what we have imagined. This allows for much more creativity. We have redone those apps and we are currently working on two new ones.

What are your favorite features?

We are satisfied with the overall features, especially when we got it combined with Kaboom. The fact that we can always apply external code to add Kwik non-standard activities makes Kwik unique.

Tips or Tricks:

Whenever one has a difficulty or a challenge just ask for help in the Kwiksher Forum. There is always somebody ready to help.
The more one contributes the better.