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ABC da Gabi

Kwik gave me a quite motivating and enjoyable experience. For me, it was clearly the best tool to develop applications.

Daniel Castro


ABC da Gabi

The ABC of Gabi is an application aimed at children from 4 to 7 years old, who are taking their first steps in reading, conceived according to the Portuguese Program of Basic Education. The activities present in it were analyzed and rectified by specialized teachers and evaluated for its cognitive and ludic potential.

The application offers activities such as the alphabet illustrated and narrated, approach to diphthongs and cases of reading. It also includes dual narration in Portuguese from Portugal and Portuguese from Brazil, as well as appropriate, appealing and intuitive illustrations.

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How did Kwik help?

The plugin had great importance for the development of my application. With little knowledge of programming, Kwik gave me a quite motivating and enjoyable experience, stimulating creativity and imagination. It has provided me with all the tools in a simple and intuitive way to include all actions. For me, it was clearly the best tool to develop applications.

What are your favorite features?

Multi-language project because the application is intended for two different languages (Portuguese from Portugal and Portuguese from Brazil), this tool has been tailored to my needs.

Any tips and tricks to share?

Be extremely organized during the project; naming all elements (buttons, actions, pages etc …); experimenting parallel projects using the tutorials available by Kwiksher.

Alex’s Review

ABC da Gabi is well designed and offer good instructional activities for children learning to read in Portuguese. I personally liked the “write the letters” activity. The only thing I would change was the background music (I couldn’t find a way to pause/stop it) as, after a while it become a little annoying, making harder to listen the instructional audio (how the word is pronounced, for example). Although its market is not big, after all it is targeting only Brazilian and Portuguese markets, this is for sure a good one for an educational digital library.