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  • in reply to: IAP Debug button #85985

    Yes, I figured that out. Thank you anyway.

    in reply to: IAP Debug button #85981

    I figured it out. It turns on/off the IAP sandbox, but in order for it to work properly I needed to re-export all the pages with IAP settings, not just the unlock page.

    in reply to: IAP debug error #85978

    Following up on this. I built 2 new 4 page apps to try to work out this problem. One uses just simple single color pages with a few navigation and an unlock button, the other is more complex using interactive code, artwork, and buttons. Each one has an unlock page and locked pages.

    With the simple version, going from page one to the unlock page (page 2) works as expected. The sandbox debug works and I can test unlocking the pages that follow. With the version using actual resources from my project I get the “inventory nil” error above when I go from the first page to the unlock page. However, If I go from the first page to one of the locked pages (which then automatically sends me back to the unlock page), I do not get the error and can test unlocking successfully.

    in reply to: IAP debug error #85977

    I have found a difference in the 2 projects. In the Monetization tab of the Project Properties, the product ID has 2 commas after the ID name in the current project, but the one made last summer has no commas after it. I do not know if that is relevant or not.

    in reply to: Take Screenshot error #85970

    Thank you.

    in reply to: Overlay #85956

    Thank you. That clears things up for me. I keep forgetting to require composer.

    in reply to: Overlay #85953

    I should mention that the bit of code I posted is the entirety of what I have inside the external lua file that I use to open an Overlay. In this case the overlay is page 32 of this project. I call this overlay.lua from a button in other pages.

    in reply to: Overlay #85952

    I’m sorry, but I’m not knowledgeable enough with the actual coding specifics to infer how to use the example you posted. It is easier for me to understand if you can tell me exactly how I would rewrite the code example I posted. Thank you.

    in reply to: Components Panel resets list after creating components #85942

    Yes, that is working now. Thank you.

    in reply to: Old alpha setting not restored #85936

    Thank you. I also had to address it further down at lines 36 and 37:

    if toggles then
    if obj.alpha == 0 then
    obj.alpha = obj.oldAlpha
    obj.alpha = 0
    if hides then
    obj.oldAlpha = 1 <—36
    obj.alpha = 0 <—37
    obj.alpha = 0

    in reply to: Old alpha setting not restored #85932

    That’s not what I am doing. Here is a link to an example project that shows the problem:

    in reply to: Variables not pasting? #85919

    Thank you. I will probably rebuild the pages I have as a fresh start and see if the problem resurfaces, rather than going through the Kwk file I already have. But I appreciate your offer to edit it.

    Thank you.

    in reply to: Variables not pasting? #85871

    I have installed Kwik in Photoshop 2020 on a MAC and can confirm the exact same copy and pasting problems using both Mac and PC, so this is not just a Photoshop 2020 Windows problem.

    in reply to: Variables not pasting? #85869

    It seems pasting is just generally broken on PC. I’ve tried copying and pasting other items like actions and buttons and sometimes they paste, but more often they don’t. Copying and pasting worked fine in Kwik 3 so I don’t know why it works so poorly in Kwik 4.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 39 total)