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  • Yamamoto
    in reply to: Eraser function button problem #85786

    Erase function in Kwik just erases all the things in the canvas. It does not work like a normal erase tool in Photoshop.

    action erase


    I fixed a broken link to download canvas.zip. It should be a lower letter not Canvas.zip

    in reply to: App icons not showing #85784

    From Project properties on Kwik panel, you can set an image for the icon of your app. Create your own image. It must be a square image with, at least, 144×144 pixels and set it.


    in reply to: Main.lua code won't run – Kwik 4 CC 2019 #85690

    _K.appDir is set with the empty string “” unless multi languages are configured. I don’t think the empty string is a problem.

    Please zip build4 folder and send it to me, I will check it.

    in reply to: Photoshop CC 2019 #85670

    It is a strange bug of CC2019 but I have just patched to make it name the image file name as normal.


    Please download the update.

    Thank you for the reporting the issue.

    in reply to: Photoshop CC 2019 #85666

    I have just updated Kwik for CC2019.


    Kwik won’t open in Home screen – the thumbnail of recent files when PS is opened.
    You need to open a psd or you can disable Home screen from preference > General.

    If any issues of Kwik on CC2019, please let me know.

    in reply to: @2x and @3x Scale Factors for iOS #85659

    At the line 10, you see the factor for universal.

    } else {
    return {‘resolution’:326, ‘width’:RIGHT*.937, ‘height’:BOTTOM*.937}

    So it is an expected result that you had the ‘@2x’ images as 959×719. About the resolution, Universal project does not produce 2048×1536 because the original size is 1024×768. So there came New Universal in Kwik3, the canvas size is 2048×1536

    Converting Universal to New Universal, you need to make the canvas size double of each psd but the coordinates of animations of kwik set with the original project remains the same. This would be trouble. You may have to set animations again.

    For iOS 11 updated, you need kwik 4.1.1 (latest is 2018_0926) and then use the new way of creating the icons and the launch screen.

    Kwik 4.1.1

    If any other issues, let me know.

    in reply to: @2x and @3x Scale Factors for iOS #85657

    > The ‘@2x’ images are 959×719
    >The ‘@2x’ images are 959×719

    What device setting of your project?

    OS wants @2x, Kwik3 returns @2x of half-sized images. If @4x is not found, it just returns default @1x == 2048×1536). So Kwik3 projects(New Universal) publish @2x as 0.5

    Kwik3 configuration for @2x is like this

    //Creates @2 for Universal, iPad Air, New Universal and iPhone
    if (pdevice=="Universal" || pdevice=="New Universal" || pdevice=="iPad Air" || pdevice=="iPhone" || pdevice=="iPhone 5" || pdevice=="iPhone 6 Plus"|| pdevice=="iPhone 6") {
        if (pdevice=="New Universal" || pdevice=="iPad Air") {
            return {'resolution':326, 'width':RIGHT/2, 'height':BOTTOM/2}
        } else if (pdevice=="iPhone 6 Plus" || pdevice=="iPhone 6") {
            return {'resolution':326, 'width':RIGHT*.695, 'height':BOTTOM*.695}
        } else {
            return {'resolution':326, 'width':RIGHT*.937, 'height':BOTTOM*.937}
    if (pdevice=="Kindle Fire HDX") {
        return {'resolution':254, 'width':RIGHT*.75, 'height':BOTTOM*.75}
    if (pdevice=="Kindle Fire HD") {
        return {'resolution':169, 'width':RIGHT*.53333, 'height':BOTTOM*.53333}
    if (pdevice=="Nook HD") {
        return {'resolution':169, 'width':RIGHT*.7111, 'height':BOTTOM*.7111}
    if (pdevice=="Nook HD+") {
        return {'resolution':169, 'width':RIGHT*.533, 'height':BOTTOM*.533}
    if (pdevice=="AmazonFireTV 1080" || pdevice=="Galaxy S5") {
        return {'resolution':169, 'width':RIGHT*.666667, 'height':BOTTOM*.666667}
    if (pdevice=="Ultimate Config") {
        return {'resolution':264, 'width':RIGHT*.5, 'height':BOTTOM*.5}

    There are differences between New Universal(Kwik3) and Ultimate Config(Kwik4)


    The defalut size of a psd file
    – iPad 1024×768 (@2x) is half of 2048×1536, Retina iPad is 2048×1536
    – Kwik3 New Universal 2048*1536, 1024×768 system
    – Kwik4 Ultimate config(default) 1920*1280, 480×320 system,

    Kwik4′ ultimate config follows a common procedure. @2x doubles the image size of @1x, ..
    If you use a psd file of Kwik3 on Kwik4’s ultimate config(1920×1280), you need to adjust the psd size to 1920×1280

    in reply to: Project Properties button #85652

    Can I have your .kwk file of your project and settings.xml in ~/Documents/Kwik? Please email it to support@kwiksher.com. I will check it.

    iconReady is inserted when an icon is set in project properties. If the project properties window fails to open, it can not be set.

    I have tested it Mac and it worked. I can test it Windows10 this weekend, please wait for a while. The code is not different between Mac and Windows about opening project properties, I guess something depends on the environment.

    Do you change the project folder in settings from ~/Documents/Kwik?

    in reply to: iOS 11 changes – LaunchScreen and Icons #85649

    It would be the problem Contents.json is not in the asset folder. Here is the fix.

    FIX: iOS11 icons Images.xcassets contents.json was missing

    in reply to: iOS 11 changes – LaunchScreen and Icons #85643

    Please use 4.1.1 for iOS 11

    Kwik 4.1.1

    in reply to: Copy and Paste #85641

    Did you open another page when pasting?
    then you can select a layer from the list.

    paste image

    in reply to: Cant validate #85528

    For installer issue, I will check it later because My Mac is still 10.12 and it could be the reason the installer command is not built properly for 10.13

    you may open terminal.app and run install_kwik.command in kwik4.zip

    > source ./install_kwik.command

    the signing issue is with ZXPInstaller. It is solved by PlayerDebugMode


    in reply to: Path Animation #85495

    this snowman tutorial has a path animation.


    If not work, send me .kwk file in your project folder to support@kwiksher.com
    I will check it.

    in reply to: images appearing on canvas at certain time #85491

    Alternatively if you can write lua codes, you can insert external codes of yours

    layer.abc.alpha = 1 -- transparent
    -- after 2.5 sec, the layer abc will appear
    transition.to( layer.abc, { time=500, delay=2500, alpha=0} )


    in reply to: Latest Kwik, Photoshop and Corona versions? #85474

    Kwik 4.0.5

    Daily build is here http://kwiksher.com/blog/2016/11/04/kwik4-release-version-1-0-0/#comment-29422

    Kwik4 works with CC2018. There is a little caveat with CC2018 but I fixed it. I have been using CC2017 for a while and will continue to use CC2018 on Mac and CC2017 on Win.

    Corona Build 2017.3184 I use normally the latest public release from Corona Labs

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