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  • in reply to: How to do a puzzle #13184

    I searched the Corona forums for the term 'magnetic'… but didn't find anything.I know that InteractiveTouchBooks has a great magnetic feature, that is used to great advantage.I have no idea about how they do it, whether with a 'trap' or not.Anyhow, I'm all for adding 'magnetics' to the Kwik2 lineup.  It would be a fabulous new feature and extremely useful in book apps.Imagine building bridges, houses and adding and changing costumes to figures, just to name a few possible uses.

    in reply to: Automatic naming based on the photoshop layer #13162

    I see… well it was just an idea.I certainly appreciate having the physics layers come with a name.  Makes working very quick!

    in reply to: I’ve been trying to get Kwik2 Canvas to work… #13143

    Yes… I just now figured that out.  I see now how that works. THANKS!  It looks like an awesome program, now that I finally have it up and running.:0)

    in reply to: I’ve been trying to get Kwik2 Canvas to work… #13141

    I finally got it to work… but only in one color choice.Is it possible to add a dozen different colors?  Also, as a note to other Kwik2 users who might be having the same problem, I only got the color to work on the simulator after adding in the picker.swf file.  Before that I had added in about 6 different files for photoshop, Kwik2.swf and it still didn't work.  It was only after adding in the picker.swf that it worked for me.Thanks!

    in reply to: Consolidation of actions and buttons & audio into 1 button set #12774

    I find once I get about 20 objects onto a page and have actions assigned to each, the working list on the Kwik page starts to get VERY crowded and items become hard to find.  I think it'd be helpful if you could have folders within the working page, preferably keyed to each layer.  That'd really help when pages get very busy with lots of actions.Also... I'd love to see a magnetic physics feature at some point.  I searched the Corona site but couldn't find any magnetic links.  Magnetics can be very cool for puzzles and building things.Can't wait to start on Kwik2!

    in reply to: Will Kwik 2 focus on the range of new tablet screen dimensions? #11732

    I'd vote for black bars and keeping the image ratio as close to the original as possible.As an artist I find that the stretched images look awful.  But a simple black bar does not detract from the image quality and is much better than a stretched screen image.If in fact the android platform will soon amount to 50% or more of apps sold, I'd think preserving quality of the image would be an important feature. 

    Yes, the Galaxy screen does stretch out into the letterbox format.  So images that look 'right' on the iPad look stretched.  I wonder if app buyers who bought an app that was 'stretched out' would complain?I wonder what the new color Nook and Kindle will do?  I guess we'll have to wait to find out.I think that Corona or some video display organization (like the same group that established the official jpeg standards) should establish a standard, so that content can be displayed on all devices without stretching.  Maybe adding a black border around the extra space to fill in the difference in screen format would work.  That way images wouldn't be 'stretched'. 🙂

    Thanks!  But I still didn't find out if one can take a Kwik file that is already written in iPad format and then have it redone in an Android Galaxy Tab format?I'd guess that in the next few years there will be a market for many android apps with the Nook, Kindle, etc.:0)

    in reply to: How to create random shuffle sound clips? #11352

    Thanks!  That worked perfectly the first time I tried it.That'd make a great addition to a future Kwik 'help file', since I'm sure most users could have spent days trying to figure that sequence out. 🙂

    in reply to: Wish list for better bug identification #11334

    The problems I've had usually are due to adding too many sound files or having a sound file as a button and as part of an animation. Often when I finally figure out the problem, it's usually something that is fixed by deleting a path that caused the problem or having two sound files instead of just one linked to a button.I know some HTML web authoring programs have a feature where a bug appears on the files that aren't properly linked. I guess the best practice is to test every single new change I make, rather than adding two or three new actions and then discovering that one of them won't work.Thanks! 🙂

    in reply to: Filenames sticking and sound file bugs #11237

    Actually I see that this odd spacing was probably caused because I had failed to reload the initializing from Kwiksher.  Now that I tried quitting Photoshop, then loading it again and loading the Kwik initializing page from online, I see this odd giant spacing has vanished, and everything looks perfect.So... I'm sorry for my user error.  I guess you can't make Kwik foolproof without a few foolish users like me around.Thanks for you help.

    in reply to: Filenames sticking and sound file bugs #11235

    Yes, that worked… but then I experienced some other unusual problems.At first the file manager list looked just right.  But then I added an additional sound file as the 'This is the page read me audio file'... and after adding it I discovered I could not see any files at all in the page components list!  It was totally blank.  I tried reloading the .kwk file and it was still blank.So I went into Time Machine and opened a previous version of the .kwk file.  This restored the page component list... but I see the list now previews as in the attached image. Long and stretched out.6079692485_899427140a_b.jpgI suspect part of testing is to find out how Kwik will work with a lot of file components and users like me doing things that might be considered 'wrong'.  (like adding too many audio files or adding them incorrectly).  Thanks for looking into this.   

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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