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  • in reply to: Kwik4 early preview #84798

    Okay, that worked. Thank you. I am looking forward to testing it out.

    in reply to: Kwik4 early preview #84796

    I have not installed Kwik3 under 2015.1, only CS6. I added those lines and tried reinstalling the .zxp via the ZXPInstaller into CC2015.1, but I still get the “newer extension installed” error. I also tried unzipping and installing manually but that didn’t work either.

    in reply to: Kwik4 early preview #84788

    I removed the kwik4.zxp and installed it separately. Once loaded though, I can’t do anything with it after I create a new project. The menu stays on the recent projects panel and I can’t even access the settings. Do I need to have Kwik3 installed first? I have Kwik3 installed on PS CS6, but not on PS CC 2015. I am running it on Windows.

    in reply to: Kwik4 early preview #84787

    I’m getting the same problem. I think it is because there is a copy of Kwik4.zxp inside the Kwik4.zxp itself.

    in reply to: External page for menu #82992

    I figured it out. The old language doesn’t work anymore. We now have to use composer.showOverlay to show overlays. I stuck that into an external code file and now my external menu works.



    in reply to: BUTTON STATES #82982

    Create a layer for your 3rd state, put it above your button, and hide it. Have the button show it and then create calls to hide that layer by whatever trigger you are using to do make the button deselected.

    in reply to: How to load an external page? #82933

    Thanks for the help, but I’m afraid it didn’t work. I keep getting this error:

    Attempt to index global ‘menu’ (a boolean value)

    in reply to: 3.24c Problem #82572

    As I responded, I tested this and found that the memory is now disposing properly when I advance the pages via the goto button, but not when I use another goto button and/or menu navigation to go back to previous pages (ie from page 4 to 3 or page 6 to 2).

    in reply to: 3.24c Problem #82564

    GoTo via buttons and the menu navigation.

    in reply to: 3.24c Problem #82560

    I have tested every version of 3.2.4 from 4a thru 4c and they all have the texture memory disposal problem. Alex worked to correct this as recently as June and it was corrected, but I guess it didn’t stick. 3.2.4 does not have the problem, but is unusable, for me at least, because it crashes on exporting images (a problem none of the other later versions have).

    in reply to: black screen on device. #82106

    It’s happening to me as well. It appears to be an issue with 3.2.1. Try building with 3.2 or wait for a fix.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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