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  • in reply to: Software to Create Individual Poses for Sprite Sheets #17577

    Hi Icebreaker,I use a Spine esotericsoftware.com which is a skeleton animation tool.It might be overkill for what you're doing but I found it well worth the money and can be used, with a little fiddling, with Kwik.Good luck

    in reply to: Audio issues never seen before #17288

    Hi again,After digging deeper I see a problem with how audio is being disposed in my code. That fixed the problem. Not sure if our bugs are related, but you might double check your disposal code Gigio just in case.Good luck,jb

    in reply to: Audio issues never seen before #17287

    Hi Alex and Gigio,I'm getting this error too but in 2.7.6b. It's been posted to Corona forum. It's a strange one, only occurring in one page on repeated reloads though dozens of other pages have similar setup with no problems. The workaround in my case was to use loadSound rather than loadStream for the audio that plays when page starts.HTH,jb

    in reply to: Playing Audio in Order? #16042

    Can you describe it a little more Hayzie? Does each button play distinct audio and you're wanting to play  sound1 then sound2, etc? Or is the 1,2,3… all in one audio file?

    in reply to: Chaining audio files with animations #15728

    If you're comfortable doing a little coding then you can trigger the actions in the sound “onComplete” handler. It would look something like…soundClipX:addEventListener("onComplete", nextAction)If you don't want to code then timers based on audio's duration is the way to go.

    in reply to: Movie Clip Replacement #15532

    If you're using TexturePacker did you make sure to select “trim” ?

    in reply to: [NOT A BUG] Actions will not recognize a new Animation #15537

    I point this out just in case you've made the mistake I've made dozens of times. Is the new animation marked “play at page start” ? If so, switch it to “wait request” and it will then show up in action list.

    in reply to: Two page spread #15534

    One thing to keep in mind is the target device. http://www.uchidacoonga.com/2012/04/quick-tip-max-texture-size/ lists different texture sizes for iOS. Not sure limits for Android.But there's no reason you couldn't make the things appear as one big image even if they're actually multiple images under the hood.  Then put the images in a group and scroll the group. Make sure to test for performance of course.

    in reply to: Audio and Memory Issue #15525

    Sweet! Thanks for getting Corona on the case!

    in reply to: Audio and Memory Issue #15521

    Thanks for the update Alex. If I can come up with a decent test case I'll enter a bug with Corona. In the meantime, do you suggest reverting from daily build to last public release?

    in reply to: Audio and Memory Issue #15519

    Hi again Alex and Mary,I tried with latest daily build of Corona and still get the intermittent audio drops. As a workaround the problem is fixed by converting to use loadSound instead of loadStream (i.e. short file is checked.) I think that will work for my app as most of my audio is on the short side. But I'm still interested in the underlying problem. If I figure anything out I'll report back.Related question, do you have a sense of how long is too long for an audio file to safely use loadSound? My voice over audio is usually 3-7 seconds long.Mary - if your problem is fixed by converting your audio to "short file" then you can save some time by editing the .kwk file directly. Replace false with true. Much faster than doing manually thru Kwik panel.Alex - this may be coincidence, but it feels like this problem appeared around the time the configurable fade in feature was introduced in Kwik. Might be unrelated but thought I should mention just in case.

    in reply to: Audio and Memory Issue #15518

    Will do. Thanks for the tip.

    in reply to: Audio and Memory Issue #15516

    Hi Alex and Mary,I'm getting this behavior too. Intermittently audio doesn't play. I used to only see in simulator so I wasn't too worried about it. After Mary's post I took a closer look and sure enough I got dropped audio. No errors, same as Mary. And I usually get the audio to play fine by restarting the app. I'll take a deeper look and see if I can create a proper bug report.Whether it's a memory issue remains to be seen. In my case I get the drops even on pages that are relatively light.jb

    It's a pretty tough one to reproduce. I only see the problem with a multi-page project that has a mixture of graphics and sprite sheets. And only when publishing all/multiple pages! A sample project has been sent. Thanks!

    in reply to: App size limitations? #15477

    I've read that the official limit is 2 GB. Here's where I got that info http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1527827

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)

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