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  • in reply to: Uploading Binary File to Amazon #16301

    Yeah, missing the port # on Cyberduck was on me, but for Filezilla everything was input correctly (that was why I noticed the default port number was incorrect when I went back to Cyberduck) but still no joy.Was starting to feel like a cat chasing the red dot from a laser pointer. Lol.Anna, I wouldn't let the 100+ mbs intimidate you. If you need it, put it in. It is a pain in the ass searching through forums to get answers, but they generally are there. They're just always under the last rock you turn over.Now just waiting on Approval from Amazon. My Space Nicks app went live on the iTunes Store this weekend.

    in reply to: Uploading Binary File to Amazon #16297

    OK. So it looks like I successfully uploaded my file to Amazon!!!!!I honestly don't know what I did differently, I think I just out-willed it.After no success with Cyberduck I downloaded Filezilla and followed their SFTP rules..... and was denied each time.I then went back to Cyberduck. and had success. I 'think' is was having the wrong port assigned. Cyberduck defaulted to port 21 and my second go 'round I changed it to Amazon's required port 22.But that still doesn't explain why it would work with Filezilla where I had everything set properly.Cyberduck has an easier interface and I think if I had a decent amount of experience FTPing I probably wouldn't have had as much trouble as I had.But that being said, Amazon does seem to be needlessly confusing.thanks,Bill

    in reply to: Uploading Binary File to Amazon #16296

    I will. thanks Karen.

    in reply to: Uploading Binary File to Amazon #16294

    Tried again to upload via SFTP with CyberduckNo go. Contacting their support t see what's up. And yes, I'm using Image Alpha with Image Optim. Close but no cigar. Still shouldn't be this difficult. Make me love iTunes all the more.Audio was at 64 with good quality.I'll check Filezilla tomorrow if I have no response from Amazon.

    in reply to: Uploading Binary File to Amazon #16292

    Hey Karen,I tried to see if I could trim a few mbs off the final apk file first. Got it down to 109mbs so I still have to SFTP it. Still have a question out there on Amazon posts and corona posts that hasn't been answered - maybe you know? 🙂Are launch Screens included in the apk? I have them in my iPad & iPhone version (Default, Default-Landscape, Default-Portrait, etc) but I'm finding Amazon's instructions merky at best. Some Android forums say yes, but I can't find documentation on what to name them. Jeez.thanks,Bill

    in reply to: Uploading Binary File to Amazon #16290

    Hey Karen,I have Cyberduck. I was denied access my first go round. That's when I found a couple of posts in different forums about Mac 'issues'. I posted here and in Corona forums fishing for anyone else with these problems. You had no problems uploading to Mac with Cyberduck? Won't be at my work computer until later to try again.

    in reply to: Building for Kindle Fire HD #16272

    Thanks Karen! It's already built for Kindle Fire 8.9 (1920×1200). On the Amazon submission for Kindle Fire there is a checklist for what devices 'your' app is optimized for. Didn't want to unnecessarily leave anything out.thank you for taking the time to reply!

    SOLVED. For whatever reason, my Distribution provisional profiles were not automatically be uploaded to Xcode like the Development profiles had.Open Xcode/preferences/accounts In the Apple ID  window on right side click on the View Details Button. This will open the Signing Identities window and the Provisioning Profiles window. I my case, only my 2 Development Profiles were listed until I clicked on the refresh button in the lower right. After refreshing, all Distribution Profiles loaded.

    To expand on this issue, when creating a provisioning profiles for Distribution I have no options to select which devices they're are for. This option is available when creating a Development and a Ad Hoc provional profile. You can create the distribution provisional profile, but because there are no devices selected for it you can not load it into xcode. It is greyed out and a warning is given – There no devices attached to this profile. I have xcode 5.0Corona Simulator Version 2013.1202 (2013.8.28)Kwik 2.7.4Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

    in reply to: [NOT A BUG] Hearing narration in Read It Myself pages #16197

    Got home and reread your post. I understand. Fixed it. It works. Thanks!

    in reply to: [NOT A BUG] Hearing narration in Read It Myself pages #16196

    Just to confirm what you're saying, When you set the 'Read to ME' interaction, UNCHECK 'Enable Read to Me' and CHECK 'Go to NEXT page automatically'.Right now I have 'Enable Read to Me' checked and 'Go to NEXT page automatically' UNCHECKED.I'll work on app when I get home tonight.

    in reply to: [FIXED] Drag will not work if….. #15886

    Tried to add attachment of Lua page to this post but error occurred. I'll send via email.I'm up to date with Kwik 2.6.4. Thanks.

    in reply to: [FIXED] Drag will not work if….. #15884

    Should actually say ACTIONS will not work if….Object can still be dragged. Only actions are disabled!!!!!!!

    in reply to: Looking for guidance. Android/Kindle Fire users guide #13731

    Yeah. I'm slogging through it. What a pain in the ass.I'm following Amazon's guide... but jeez.... Nothing is straight forward. They tell you to download Java SE6, but there are no Mac downloads. Java SE7 has a download for Mac, but the Android SDK Manager doesn't have the Kindle Fire Packages that I'm suppose to download.Was about to pepper their support with a few questions, but saw the time. Tackle it tomorrow.

    in reply to: iOS submission question. #13510

    Thanks Stayfun,Just saw this. I found that out pretty quick. Only had to back up a few steps. MY app title is already long enough. I had to add a subtitle for the iPhone version. Reminded me of a Fiona Apple Album Title!

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