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  • in reply to: New Requested Comic Features #12461

    I tried making a screencast, but it's less impressive in the simulator since video and web links only work on the device.  Once I have some animated/interactive elements implemented I'll post a video.

    in reply to: Comic Project Running out of memory on Android #12463

    PNG is working quite well for me.  My artwork has a limited palette, and using PNG-8 allows me to save almost 80% filesize compared to PNG-24 or JPG.  Staying under the 50MB limit for android is pretty challenging!  I sent you an email with some updated files (still under construction).

    in reply to: New Requested Comic Features #12459

    The code I'm working on is still a bit sloppy and in testing mode, however here's the current approach.  Whenever a new page is loaded, I look through a custom table called “hotSpots” which looks something like this:

    local hotSpots = {  {    x = 654,    y = 819,    width = 193,    height = 64,    type = 'video',    location = 'tutorial.mp4'  },  {    x = 300,    y = 463,    width = 204,    height = 86,    type = 'url',    location = 'http://google.com'  },}

    Then when a new page is loaded in Reader:loadPage, I changed it so that page is really a displayGroup - and then I add the PNG to the displayGroup, followed by all the hotSpots on top of that.  It works with all of the transitions, etc.Got most of the other features I wanted working too... the biggest one will probably getting zooming to work.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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