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    This post is part 'feature wish list' and part bugs.  So I'll put it here.It would be great to be able to pinpoint a more precise identification of any bugs that arise in the program that keep it from working.I know there is a bug button for a warning that indicates that layers are duplicated or missing, but often I experience the problem of the program refusing to export to the simulator, but I can't tell what's at fault.  And this is when the bug button says everything is ready to export properly.The only way I can figure out what went wrong is to try to undo any of the recent actions I programmed in.  Sometimes it works and sometimes I just have to reload the entire folder from a backup.  So if there might be any way at all to indicate what's making the export fail to load completely, that'd be awesome.:0)


    I am planning to revise the Debug button (and the internal routines to track potential bugs). When I created it, Kwik didn't have multi-action buttons, timers and actions (which add layer names into other parts of the code). The reason you receive a "Ready to export" message is the fact the current function only looks for layer names in buttons and animations.Another issue I have found is the fact many users are not reading the user guide and keep the layer naming using numbers or/and reserved words. I will review  that too. However, managing reserved words is painful because there are words reserved in Photoshop, in lua and in Corona's API (in this case constantly changing in every new version). I am afraid I will spend more time creating functions to handle naming than bring new features 🙂


    The problems I've had usually are due to adding too many sound files or having a sound file as a button and as part of an animation. Often when I finally figure out the problem, it's usually something that is fixed by deleting a path that caused the problem or having two sound files instead of just one linked to a button.I know some HTML web authoring programs have a feature where a bug appears on the files that aren't properly linked. I guess the best practice is to test every single new change I make, rather than adding two or three new actions and then discovering that one of them won't work.Thanks! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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