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Will Kwik 2 focus on the range of new tablet screen dimensions?

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    I thought I read on the blog about the possibility of Kwik 2 having an option that it would just be for tablets.  I wonder if this is true?From my point of view I'd think that it makes sense to have such an option, since there are so many variables in the tablet sizes between the iPad 1 - iPad 3 (coming) - Nook - Kindle - Galaxy Tab - Motorola, etc.One problem I have in trying to create an app in the present Universal mode is that the screen stretching to fit these different screen sizes is significant.  An app that looks fine on the iPad might look too stretched out on the others.  Since the market will no doubt soon be divided equally between Android and iPad, it'd make sense to develop a version of Kwik that would display correctly on both platforms.Any comments on the subject would be most interesting to hear... thanks!


    The trick part is the fact Android devices have so many screen sizes that is almost impossible to predict (or create different images for each one) which one will be used. A simple theory could be to create different set of images for each potential resolution. However, can you imagine a large application with 4-5 different image sizes per screen element? You app would be enormous (and there are so many maximum size limitation in the Android marketplaces at this moment)!Screen ratio is the issue with Android. While the the iPad is 3x4, the Android tablets are "widescreen" (a difference of 168 pixels, which is a huge area). When Kwik converts a 3x4 to widescreen, naturally the stretch happens to preserve all elements in the screen. I could opt for a letterbox version and keep the same resolution with the black bars, but I personally do not like it. I will probably offer this option thou.For the iPad3, it is simple to address. It is going to be just 1 new one, with the same screen ratio of the current iPad. At this moment, honestly, I couldn't find yet a way to address that. I am open for suggestion and ideas thou.


    I'd vote for black bars and keeping the image ratio as close to the original as possible.As an artist I find that the stretched images look awful.  But a simple black bar does not detract from the image quality and is much better than a stretched screen image.If in fact the android platform will soon amount to 50% or more of apps sold, I'd think preserving quality of the image would be an important feature. 


    While 2.0 doesn't come, you can manually edit your config.lua file and replace the zoomStretch word by letterbox and you will get the results you want.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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