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What kind of new plugin would you like to see developed?

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  • alexandres

    Hello everyone!

    As I am constantly missing my “Kwik days” :), I was wondering if do you have any ideas/need for a new plugin for Kwik. I am thinking to put my “code skills” to test again.

    Please share your thoughts.

    All the best,


    Hi Alex, Good to see you @Kwiksher!

    I think it would be nice to have:

    1. Native page curl effect.
    2. Quiz maker with reward bank (collecting points, progress etc.)
    3. Highlighter for read-along (when kids use read to me feature) I think now Kwik only changes text colour?

    Hope to see them on upcoming updates…

    Thank you.


    Just let you know a litte bit what I am developing now.

    Kwik4 will generate json when publishing and then rendering .lua by mastache putting json data into template file.


    for example, layer_map_template.lua is like this

        layer.{{myLName}} = native.newMapView( {{elX}}, {{elY}}, {{elW}}, {{elH}} )
        layer.{{myLName}}.mapType = "{{elRender}}"
        layer.{{myLName}}:setCenter( {{elLat}}, {{elLong}} )
        layer.{{myLName}}.isScrollEnabled = {{elScroll}}
        layer.{{myLName}}.isZoomEnabled = {{elZoom}}
            layer.{{myLName}}:addMarker( {{elLat}}, {{elLong}}, {title="{{elMTitle}}", subtitle="{{elMSub}}" } )
            layer.{{myLName}}.x = math.random( {{randXStart}}, {{randXEnd}});
            layer.{{myLName}}.y = math.random( {{randYStart}}, {{randYEnd}});

    json data is like this


    layerXX_map.lua is generated. this lua file is controlled by pageXXUI.lua
    pageXXUI.lua looks like this

      function UI:create()
            self:_create("image",  Bg_image_)
            self:_create("button", Btn_button_but_421)
            self:_create("map",    layerXX)
      function UI:show(params)
            self:show("image",  Bg_image_)
            self:show("button", Btn_button_but_421)

    So enhancing template lua for your customisation or dependency injection can be done.

    With this mechanism, I am going to add graphics2.0, simple layer mask, filters etc and page curl of corona plugin.

    I will make a private beta in a couple of months.


    Hi Alex/Yamamoto

    Just a few ideas:

    1 – anything that extends animation tools – eg. springiness or elasticity of animation.
    2 – also an extension on the drag feature would be great – eg. ability to drag along paths like a maze for example.

    If I think of anything else will let you know!

    Thanks a mil.



    Nice suggestions. Keep them coming. I will be moving between states again in the next months but I will keep my “design thinking” in open mind. I will keep you all posted when I decide for something.

    Yamamoto, looking forward to check the new bits to understand better what you are cooking.



    just a few more,

    1. sound interactions eg. the user blows into microphone to turn windmill

    2. an elastic drag eg. user can drag/extend an object while a part of the object is anchored into position

    3. multiplane function (like multiplane used in animations) or more control/options for scrolling eg. ability to make this an action which can be turned off and on by request

    thanks a mil


    That’s awesome, Alex!

    One thing my users always want is an “overlay” setting to make change like language change, music on/off, etc.
    i.e. like the “hamburger menu” on top left/right corner for most Apps nowadays.

    I saw that composer has something like this to offer but I just don’t know how to implement that:

    I think that would really benefit to many Kwik users!

    Thanks a lot!


    great to see you back, Alex. Maybe have a look at corona widget library with tab bar, on/off buttons, table view, picker wheel etc.

    and more of your amazing tutorials. maybe a bit advanced stuff with some external codes.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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