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Variables not pasting?

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    I have tried to copy a variable from one page to another, but every time I press “Paste” nothing happens. I tried this in both Photoshop 2015 and 2020. Am I doing something wrong? Other items are pasting correctly.


    I will look into the issue tomorrow. It seems a bug.


    Okay. Thanks.


    I fixed the issue of pasting a variable component. Kwik version # remains 4.3.0, you can download the fixed version from the link below.



    Hello again.

    I downloaded and installed this latest version. I copied and pasted a variable from one page to another successfully, but after that it would not paste the variable to any other pages.

    I restarted Photoshop and again copied the variable. I deleted the existing copy that I had pasted before, but when I tried pasting the current copy, the copy window went away but nothing was pasted. When I tried pasting to a third page the paste window would not appear to paste anything and would not close unless I pressed “cancel”.

    This was on Photoshop 2020 in Windows 10.


    It seems pasting is just generally broken on PC. I’ve tried copying and pasting other items like actions and buttons and sometimes they paste, but more often they don’t. Copying and pasting worked fine in Kwik 3 so I don’t know why it works so poorly in Kwik 4.


    I have installed Kwik in Photoshop 2020 on a MAC and can confirm the exact same copy and pasting problems using both Mac and PC, so this is not just a Photoshop 2020 Windows problem.


    I looked into the issue of pasting and here is the fixed build


    FIX: paste variable/group/physics components

    I completely restructured Kwik in version4. Ported Flash UI to HTML5, new lua file rendering system etc.
    And xml elements() function seems not working as expected, it returned 0 for the list of variables

    So pasting failed at insertChildren()

    Your .kwk file would have duplicated variables tag because of this bug. If you send it to support@kwiksher.com, I can manually edit it to remove it if you want to do so.

    Thank you for reporting the problem. So far no one copied and pasted variable more than one in Kwik4 and the bug was not founded.


    Thank you. I will probably rebuild the pages I have as a fresh start and see if the problem resurfaces, rather than going through the Kwk file I already have. But I appreciate your offer to edit it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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