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  • victortarinteclas

    Hello everyone!
    I have an old mac pro 3,1 that renders Kwik projects in photoshop very slowly and would like to get more speed.
    What would be the order of preference when upgrading the mac pro? GPU? CPU? RAM? HDD? SDD? all?


    Memory(RAM) and CPU.

    Are you using publish without images? Once you publish images of a PSD. Next you make it off to save time.


    Thanks Yamamoto for you reply!
    Yes, I use publish without images but my projects has a lot of layers 😉 and my processor is a Core 2 Duo, too slow 🙁
    Do you think with a 1GB video card will be enough to work with kwik long or short will need another card with more VRAM?
    I have a 30” monitor and a second monitor 24”
    Thanks again!


    I am not sure Video card will help much. You need more core cpu performance.


    close document option is enabled?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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