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    Question:  The Kwik Help PDF seems to indicate that it in some instances it might be problematic to build a Universal file rather than an iPad book file.  But does building a Universal book format allow the possibility to build Android books, while building for the iPad alone does not? It seems to me that one great feature of Kwik is the ability to build the same project for iPad, iPhone or Android.  I see the Universal size creates a file with the canvas size of 3.141 inches wide by 2.356 inches high.  Also the dpi is 326.  This of course can translate out to the standard iPad size of 1024 x 768 pixels.Is it possible to re-build an Android Kwik ebook app from an iPad Kwik file?  I notice that the iPad books I build in Kwik can also be previewed in all the available Corona devices (Android, Nexus, MyTouch, Galaxy, etc.)Thanks for any comments or insights... :0)


    Yes, the universal project will handle the Android resolutions. However, due the several resolutions of Android devices, the images may be stretched to fill out the full screen. In fact, this is pretty much what the simulator does: stretches the images to fit the desired device.The auto-stretch function we (Corona) use is fine for most projects. However, if you want precise images, it would be better to work with each platform independently. In sum, there is no miracle with stretching...

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