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    Today I received an email from an user asking me for some tips on how to reduce his build folder size. I think this is something more than one person needs to know so, here go my tips (feel free to add others). There are several factors for a large build:

    • You set your project to New Universal (it will create images for the new iPap (really large ones), for the old iPad and for the iPhone);
    • Understand device resolutions. For example, the iPhone resolution is 326 (which increases the size of the images as well)
    • You may have older images in your build folder (Kwik does NOT clean up your build folder before generating new images). For example, if you had a layer called "oldLayer" exported and, later on, you delete it, the "oldLayer.png" file will still exist in the build folder;
    • Your layer contents are really big;

    Things you can do to decrease your file sizes:

    • Review your project type (if you are planning to launch only for one platform, do not use Universal or New Universal);
    • Save large backgrounds and any other layer who does not require transparency to JPG (more on that on the Layer Properties panel);
    • Save images used in several pages as Shared Assets (more on that on the Layer Properties panel);
    • After exported, use a PNG compressor (search the forums for some user suggestions) to reduce PNG file sizes (Photoshop is not the best PNG exporter in the market);
    • Check also for larger sound files, they drain image space;


    Use this tool to drastically reduce your images folder size by converting images to png8.https://github.com/hamdullahshah/Automator-App-for-PngQuantI looked all over for an automated way of doing what imagealpha does, and this is it. Photoshop Save for Web, leaves weird artifacts and white lines on edges.


    Just so you know how effective this is, I reduced my build folder from 1.8 GB to 121 MB


    Have you tested it in the device as well? Just to guarantee that PNG8 is compatible and will keep the transparency.


    Yup, I tested it on the Ipad Mini, and it looks great. I did have to upgrade to the latest Daily Build of Corona, because otherwise, it would do it's own re-compression of all the images, and the build size ballooned. Occasionally, (3 out of 1600 images) there were some funny artifacts, so I just copied the original image back in, and that took care of that.


    Hello,Should we us the png optimizer after we've used Corona to build the .app file or before?Thanks,d


    Before you do a build in Corona you compress your images.


    I have been able to reduce my build size down from 50mb to 20mb.  🙂  I was happy with that but I had hoped that reducing the size would speed up the page turn. It seems to take a long time on the device, Android. It take 4 seconds for the page to turn. Is there a way to speed this up? My book is ready to publish.


    4Dreamin, Android devices are a real pain because there is no such thing as “minimum requirement for memory and cpu”. So, while your app may run nicely in one device, it can do a worse job in another one. Assuming you followed all the tips on the original post (reducing audio files, JPG whenever the image is full size, etc), another thing you could check is the transition time (you set it in your Go to Page buttons).If none minimize your page turn, I am afraid you will need to tweak your code manually in order to control when each object need to be disposed (Kwik automatically disposes everything at the same time when the page turns).


    4Dreamin – I have an Asus TF700 and a friend of mine has a Nexus 7. I have run into very few slowdowns with my Asus, but it seems almost all her apps load or run slow, or have page load issues. We often test the same apps side by side. The good news is she doesn't blame the app, she blames the hardware and is willing to put up with it because of the low device cost. My point is - it's probably device specific and the device owner is probably used to it because your app is probably not the only one doing slow page turns. Now if it happens on the iPad too then I'd look for a solution.  🙂

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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