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Texture Packer sprites not working for me in Kwik

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  • wyatt.fisher2

    I bought Texture Packer today and made a sprite sheet. I followed the instructions on the Kwik tutorials about importing the .lua and sheet into kwik. I always get an error in corona that says “build/page_1.lua:85: unexpected symbol near ‘local’ “


    did you solve the problem?
    if you need help share your project files with me 🙂


    Hi There!
    I have the same problem with my project. Everything went fine until I added a spritesheet replacement. sprite made with texture packer.
    When running the simulator it give me the error message
    c:\francois\work\project_kwick\jingleband\build\page_5.lua:356: unexpected symbol near ‘local’

    I redid the step 3 time but all I get is this message.

    Do you have any idea? I can share my project if you need it to examine.

    Thank you

    Francois Walter


    Hi Francois
    Share your project files with me (dropbox link). I will try fix it! 😉


    thanks Angel!
    here is the project (I removed the all scenes except the one I have problem with)
    here is the link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3n3uwh5gdicdvgd/AAAlpX19V-AXja9bmVFYIqwDa?dl=0
    the error is about page5.lua line 356 (at the start of the sprite sheet code)
    I exported with the last version of texture paker…
    I hoppe you can find something!


    Hi francoise!

    Files received!

    I need the “.kwk” file to opening the project


    -Copy the original project (use your Project as template for the new one)

    –Remove all pages except the one you have problema with

    -Zip the project folder

    -Upload to dropbox

    I was checking your files. I didn´t find a file (peroc.lua) needed for a correct set up of your animation in kwiksher. I guess that´s your problem, maybe didn´t export correctly from texturepacker.

    Send me the Project to confirm! 😉


    Thank you Angel for taking the time to look for my files.
    And sorry I forgot to send the project files the first time.
    Here is an archive of the project file

    by the way even if I copy the peroc.lua file in the build folder the problem is the same…
    I have the latest version of kwik corona and texture paker

    really hoppe we can find something!


    Sorry I just found the problem in my case…
    In texturePacker data format I choose coronasdk instead of kwik2…
    That was the problem!
    Now when I choose kwik2 It work well…

    Hoppe that could help other people who make the same mistake as me…


    Francoise, you are using free versión of texturepacker so can´t export the animation for kwik just only for xml or jason.

    Other problem with free versión is about the final result, 2 of all the frames are covered in red and the animation “blink” when you play it. Open peroc.png and you can see what I´m talking about


    you resolved the problem!
    I just read your post!


    Yes I resolved the problem.
    We need indeed to export the sprite to kwik not to corona or other software!!
    Thank you for your support Angel!
    Have a great WE!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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