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    If you have multiple text areas in your page, you can still use the Text Sync feature. Here's how to do that:- create one audio file for the entire text content and set it as Read Me file;- in each text layer, select the Text Sync command and enter the time codes (or import them from Audacity. If you are using Audacity, I recommend have different label files for each text later)


    If you want to have multiple paragraphs in the same page but with a way to play the unique audio for each one of the paragraphs, the above tip will no work (it plays the full audio again, highlighting all the paragraphs). Heres the workaround for this scenario (multiple paragraphs, independent audio files):- create separated audio files for each paragraph (and their correspondent Audacity/timecode files);- create different text layers for each paragraph;- attach a Sync action to each text layer and point to the correct audio file (do not use Read Me file in this scenario);- export your page;After the export, you will need to manually alter the audio channels of each audio used (check the disposeAudios function at the end of the Lua page), changing their channels to 32 (Sync feature plays all Sync files in channel 32).This setup will not play automatically each paragraph though (only the first one, with the Read Me type file associated). To play the other paragraphs you will need to "tricky" the system with timers. For example, let's say you have 2 paragraphs:- paragraph 1, has the audio "A" associated (audio A has 10 seconds)- paragraph 2, has the audio "B" associated (audio B has 5 seconds)In the page you will need to create a timer to play audio B after 10 seconds (the duration of audio A) so, audio A will play and after 10 seconds the timer will trigger audio B. You will need to add the timer to the audio A button as well.The issue with this technique is the fact you need to control several potential scenarios. For example:- if play read to me is not enabled, you should not start the timer;- if you page has 3 paragraphs, you need to create a extra timer (and controls) for the third paragraph.In sum, if you cannot write code manually you should avoid this option! The Sync feature in Kwik was created to be used in a simple scenario with one sync audio for the full page, not multiple ones.


    Hi Alex, I'm trying to do the text/audio syncing and here's where it's failing (may be doing something wrong):1. I have 2 captions of text on a page. (This is the Oho book we are adding this feature to).2. I have redone the pages so the banners and text are static on the page and do not animate, so when the page loads, both captions of text are there.3. I created a .wav file that combines the two voiceover files I was using as two separate files in version 1; then I exported the text labels out to a single file: so I have kl_oho_p1_caps.wav and kl_oho_p1_caps.txt that contains the labels for the full wave file.4. I add that wav file as a Page Read Me file, play once.5. I select the first text block and add a text/sync command, using system fonts (just to make it easy to debug), use Read Me file, and I import the Audacity time codes from the kl_oho_p1_caps.txt, which parses out the second captions time codes. So the words and codes look fine in the table.6. Without adding anything else, I just try to export/run the app and it hangs during export. The Oho.log console shows it writing out the text sync:Layer p1cap1 - type is TEXTChecking if p1cap1 is a text sync type layerSetting text sync entry for layer  - p1cap1Writing text sync word for layer p1cap1 - OhoWriting text sync word for layer p1cap1 - theWriting text sync word for layer p1cap1 - MonkeyWriting text sync word for layer p1cap1 - swingsWriting text sync word for layer p1cap1 - treeWriting text sync word for layer p1cap1 - toWriting text sync word for layer p1cap1 - tree...Writing text sync word for layer p1cap1But I get an error in the system.log showing:6/8/12 2:32:49.364 PM Console: Error loading /Users/benkopf/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/Zoominto.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Zoominto:  dlopen(/Users/benkopf/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/Zoominto.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Zoominto, 265): no suitable image found.  Did find: /Users/benkopf/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/Zoominto.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Zoominto: mach-o, but wrong architectureAny idea what could be going on? If I back out the sync text layer command and just run it with the Readme file associated with the page it runs fine, but as soon as I add the text sync to my first text layer it hangs during export.Thanks for any help!Ben


    From which console are you getting this? Did you project exported without errors? hard to say what happend here (can you send me to start the page_xx.lua file)?


    Hi Alex, I'm still looking into it; I backed out the text voice syncing and it exported fine (sorry, I sent the wrong app console info apparently); I'm going to put back each part of the sync text process and export each time and see exactly what is going on. At this point it appears that as soon as I add the sync text command to the first text layer, it doesn't export anymore. If I can't figure it out I'll send the page.Thanks,Ben

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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