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  • kellinamcelweewja

    Hi,I'm working on a storybook and I have a page where ideally I would have an animation playing and then the auto-text sync fade in and auto playing sound and text sync ( around 3 sec after page starts ). I could not get the text layer to fade in. I tried to use timers, actions etc... but I couldn't get it right. When the page starts, the text layer is visible already. Any ideas?PS: the page is set to read to me.Thanks,Marcos MartiniThanks


    In this version you cannot hide/animate a Sync text layer (you can do it manually thou, just open the code, find the synced layer name and use in with the Show/Hide/animation tool).


    Hi Alex, I finally got around to trying text/syncing and it works great if I use a button to trigger the play synced text, but I cannot get a timer driven action sheet to fire off the sync text playback no matter what I try. I am not using a read me file, I select the file and import an audacity time code set to playback. If I use a button to call the playback it plays back the synced text great – if I replace the button by trying to use an action sheet that triggers the sync text and a timer that triggers that action, it doesn't work. Any ideas? I'm exporting every time to be sure that isn't the problem.Thanks for any help, BenP.S - the book has been submitted to the app store and I promised you a copy; I'll zip it up and send it along shortly. It would great to get your feedback on my approach to the book interactions.


    I will check later today (honestly, it has been a while since I touched the Sync feature – and I am not there yet for K2) and let you know my findings. looking forward for your new storybook!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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