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    Hi,Is there a tutorial that shows me how can i test my work on a device?All test phases and export scare me...for now i try to see my work with corona simulator but i would like to know how can i test the workon my device, how can i share with other people the work and to know more about buliding the app...I'm so confused...Thanks in advance,Eleonora.


    Eleonora, this is something the Corona (not Kwik handles). The FAQ pages has info on that (check the question Is there a document to help me to build my projects for iOS and Android?). Currently, in order to test on your device you must have a paid version of Corona, as well as a paid subscription from Apple Developer. Then you must create a certificate for your testing app. With the certificate created, all you need to do in Corona is File->Build->iOS->Build for device-> enter your certificate and a file will be created for you. Then, drag the created file to your iTunes and sync with your device. I believe Corona is working on a better/simpler way to do that but again, it is a situation out of Kwik control.By the way, the process is similar for Android.Regarding sharing your app with other people, I suggest you to check TestFlight: http://www.testflightapp.com)


    Thank you so much Alex,I make this question here because corona's tutorial aren't very clear.But I will try.Thanks, you're always very kind.


    Hi Eleonora and Alex,I spent some time finding out how to publish on my iPad. The tutorial on Corona's website helped a lot.I can test without a paid version of Corona which is great! Thanks to Corona for that.you have to get in line to use server time at Corona's but that's ok as long as I'm still testing functionality and am not in the production case.greetsA3


    I have been following the Guide on Corona's site: http://docs.coronalabs.com/guide/distribution/iOSBuild/index.htmlI can load my app onto my iPad 2 via iTunes or Xcode. But when we try to put it on my husband's iPod or iPad 1 via his computer it doesn't work.  In iTunes it just bounces, and in Xcode he gets the message: The application does not specify a CFBundleExecutable.We have tried both developing and distribution provisioning profiles, which include all three devices.  He has Xcode which accepts the provisioning profiles, just not the app.  Any ideas about what's going wrong?


    I'd love to use testflight but have not been able to figure out how to create an IPA.  When I follow the instructions, which take me to Apple developer and Xcode, the instructions are for creating an app from the beginning.  Kwik and Corona have already done that for me. Since you recommend this method, Alex, it must not be too difficult. Can you or anyone else tell me how or guide me to a tutorial? Thanks!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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